Friday, January 6, 2012

Pumping Up My Routine

The first week of 2012 has been challenging and exciting so far.

It also has me dealing with a cold and cough that would love to slow me down. I had a sore throat on New Year's Day and the day after, but felt well enough to start really working out on Tuesday. I did take walks on the first two days, since I didn't want to do nothing at all to begin the year.

On Tuesday I pushed myself at spin. Maria gave us a ride that really kicked butt, which was just what I needed to get back up to speed. And it fit in with the Biggest Loser theme for the season - No Excuses. I wasn't going to let a cold stop me from doing what I needed to do!

Wednesday brought a brand new cardio class. The instructor, Sophia, taught my niece Sofia (gotta love that!) gymnastics for a while, and she invited me to try her class, Extreme Pump It Up Fitness, at the Middleburg Heights Rec Center. Even though by the time I got to class I'd lost my voice, I was ready for something new to add to my routine.

I did pretty well getting through the class, learning new moves and trying to keep up. I know I got a good workout and will have an even better one next time because I'll be feeling better and know some of the moves. This was my introduction to burpees, which I'd heard about but never actually experienced until now. I can see why people have a love/hate relationship with them. I could only do a few at the regular pace, but kept going and modified the moves to keep my heart rate going. Since I got in on an awesome January special for unlimited classes (something my budget is really happy about!) I'll be there often to perfect those burpees. This first class didn't use any extra equipment other than a mat, but most of the time weights and other items are added to the mix. I can't wait to do it again!

Most of Wednesday night I was up coughing, so I only got about 2 hours of sleep. I still made it to my morning Pilates session, and once Janice helped my clear my brain fog things went very well. I'm so glad I didn't skip the session. I'm determined to take ACTION this year even when the going gets rough. I took a walk in the evening, and finally got some rest last night.

Today is my "easy" day fitness-wise. I'm going for a light walk and giving my body a chance to recover before my 2 hour yoga seminar/session tomorrow. This is the class I signed up for a month ago, so I want to be able to learn and enjoy to the fullest. A single rest day is good, and after yoga I can pick up the pace once again.

I'm also pumping up my routine with more fruits and vegetables and staying away from as much processed food as possible. Since I'm working to clear the icky stuff out of my head and chest, I drink even more water than usual. All of these healthy habits will help me get rid of this cold sooner than usual, so I can move on to even better days.

I'm not letting this silly January cold stop me from my plan of ACTION. How about you? How is your first week of 2012 going? Let me know what healthy plans you've put into action!

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