Sunday, June 28, 2009

Party Like It's 1984

I still can't believe that it's been 25 years since I graduated from Magnificat High School in Rocky River, Ohio. I really don't feel like I'm 43 years least not in my mind! My body, however, is another story entirely.

I've been looking forward to this reunion weekend for quite a while. There are so many girls that I wanted to see so we could catch up with each other's lives. (For those who are not familiar with my high school, it was and still is an all girls Catholic school.) I wondered how many would come to the reunion. I have already been to two of them and we had a great turnout. I knew I'd see certain women that I'd been talking to on Facebook, and some were traveling long distances to attend our big milestone event. I also knew I would see several people that I hadn't been in contact with, and looked foward to reconnecting.

The reunion was held at the school, and it was fun to meet a few ladies from other graduating years: there were also areas set up for the Class of 1959 all the way through the Class of 2004, in five year increments celebrating everything from five years removed all the way up to Magnificat's first class to celebrate their 50th Reunion. What a great group of ladies!

One of my classmates now works at the school, and she took us around to show us all of the changes that have been made since we'd left our Alma Mater's hallowed halls. There were so many things that each of us remembered as we stopped at familiar spots. Fun and laughter filled the halls as we took lots of pictures for the occasion. Of course there are so many improvements to the school in the last 25 years, and we marveled at all of them. I almost want to go back to school so I can use the new weight room, art studio, and ceramics lab. The campus is so much bigger now, and I was very impressed!

As for my former classmates, most of us have not changed much from our days as the Class of 1984. We were all pretty amazed by that revelation. I had been heavy in school, but was 40 pounds lighter at our 10 year reunion than when I'd graduated. I attended the 20 year event much heavier, and even a few pounds more so this time around. There were some others that had changed in this way as well, but I discovered one wonderful thing: we all still are friends no matter what size we wore to the reunion. We all want to get healthier, but none of us felt anything but love from our classmates.

Today we had Mass in the beautiful school chapel, followed by a picnic lunch held indoors beacuse of the rain. I got to visit with a few of the nuns that I knew during my time there, and introduce them to my family. A group of us are planning to meet every so often for lunch or coffee so that it's not another five years until we see each other again. We are all realizing how much we need to treasure the time we have on earth with each other...who would have thought 25 years ago that we would lose Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson the week of our reunion? We also mourned a few classmates who are sadly no longer with us, and several of us have lost other dear friends lately that were important parts of our lives.

These revelations also make me see how much I need to take control of my health, so I can be around for several more reunions to come. Of course we partied this weekend, so I have a feeling my scale will not be kind to me in the morning. That's OK...I will just pick back up from there and get in shape. I am inspired by quite a few of my fellow alumni who are still in fantastic condition, because they still run, play tennis, golf, and do other forms of exercise to keep it that way. Here's to the Class of 1984...and may we all have good health and happiness for many years to come!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Was He Thinking?

I've done really well the last couple of days, determined not to let the gain on Monday get to me. I'm exercising and eating my nutritious foods. No need to mess things up further by comforting myself with unhealthy junk foods.

After my doctor's appointment ran a little late yesterday, my son was starving and wanted to go to Wendy's for lunch. I agreed, as long as we ordered from the value menu to keep the costs down. I did not want fries, so I ordered a side salad. I am disappointed that the salad is no longer 99 cents. It is now $1.49, and well worth the extra fifty cents, but why is it that healthy foods cost more at these places?

While we were eating, I observed a scene that really disturbed me. Across from us was a dad with his two daughters, who looked to be about 12 and 14 years old. Each of them was eating a baked potato loaded with bacon and cheese sauce. They were even given extra bacon bits to pour onto their potatoes. Someone needs to tell people that baked poatoes are not that good for you when you throw all of that junk on top. Along with these mountains of fat and cholesterol, they were each eating the new boneless wings. These might not be that bad for you...I haven't seen the nutrition facts yet. What really bothered me was that one container of these wings was so large that the three of them could have split it, instead of each of them having their own. Add to this what the two girls were washing down their lunch with...frosty shakes! (By the way, there was not a vegetable in sight.) Now, this family cannot give me the excuse that they needed to buy from the value menu. The total cost of their food choices had to be over $25.00, for three people. And, two of these people were young girls! They were slender girls, but enough eating like that will catch up with them. I can only hope that this was just a special treat.

My son and I ate our junior sanwiches, and he had a value sized order of fries while I had my salad. I shared a little of my salad with him, since he loves cucumbers and tomatoes. Besides, the only veggie on his sandwich was a piece of lettuce...not anywhere near enough. It was plenty for lunch, and we did not feel like we needed to take a nap afterward!

I hope that dad thinks before he orders all of that artery-clogging food for his girls next time. We not only have to realize what we are putting into our bodies, but what we are feeding our kids as well. Their futures are at stake!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Confused

Well, it's been a busy last few days, but I did exercise every day this week except for Sunday. I was determined to step it up after a couple of weeks in which I was not allowed to exercise that much. I certainly thought I did well with my eating too, even being careful at our Father's Day celebration. I was expecting a decent loss on the scale yesterday morning.

I took care of the other Monday morning rituals and then stepped on the scale, eager to see where the number would stop. Imagine my shock when I discovered that I had gained two pounds! What??? I just could not understand what happened. After all, the week before I still lost 1.4 pounds when I could barely move. How did I gain this week with all of the exercise?

I spent about an hour in a funk after getting off the scale. You name it, I felt it: anger, sadness, frustration, confusion, even a little doubt. I was trying to figure out where I went wrong, but I wasn't thinking clearly at that time.

After my little pity party, I calmed down and tried to rationally think about the past week. I thought of a couple of bad food choices, but still didn't think that those things really contributed too much to my gain. I am still analyzing the situation as this point, but I have decided one thing to be absolutely certain.

I will not give up!!! It's just a little setback, and I will work on what ever I can to make this a better week. God wants me to succeed, and maybe this week was meant to teach me an important lesson. He is the one who gives me the strength to accomplish my goals, and I will trust in Him always.

I can be proud of one thing...I did not go off the deep end after the gain, as I would have in the past. I didn't use it as an excuse to eat everything in sight. I didn't decide not to exercise, thinking "what's the use" like I've done before. What ever size I finally wind up at, eating the right foods and exercise is still important to my health. I went to the store and bought some more of my favorite Greek yogurt, along with two magazines: Shape and Self. I'm going to keep putting all of the positive thoughts in my mind, and however long the process is, there will be a positive outcome!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Yesterday was such a nice day here, we took advantage of it and played tennis. Our son is ten, and he has picked up mine and my husband's love of the game. (Of course...I had to say LOVE!!!) I have not had any lessons, but hope to take some when we have the funds for it. One thing I can tell for sure...I am moving around much better, and my serves and volleys have improved since I started working out again. I do have an exercise video that is a tennis workout, but I need to get the VCR working again so I can use it. It's such an awesome feeling knowing that I am getting stronger everyday: in body, mind, and spirit!

Since we did tennis, I did not get on the treadmill, but I did part of a dance workout DVD and some wall push-ups a little later in the evening. Today we are getting thunderstorms, so if there's too much lightning going on I will either do that DVD again or one of my Leslie Sansone walking DVD's. I used to make excuses when there was a storm so I could skip my workout...but like I say now: NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

I'm still enjoying my organic Starbucks and Fage Greek Yogurt, and I have made a vow to include even more fruits and vegetables in my diet. I've always eaten them, but I know it was nowhere near the amount I'm supposed to be eating. Drinking a lot of water everyday helps as well. I'm not missing the diet soda at all, which is saving us money on our food bill. It's all about choices at the grocery store...cut back on the stuff you shouldn't eat and then you can afford to purchase the foods that are better for you.

God has not only given me the strength to do this, but He is showing me that I had strength from him all along that I was not really using. He has also brought many wonderful people into my life. I want to give a special shout-out to all of the Biggest Loser and Dance Your Ass Off contestants who are on Facebook, and all of the other awesome people involved with those shows who are my friends there as well. You all inspire and motivate me, so I can do the same for others who may need it. I'm very blessed to get to know all of you, and may we all continue to help others become empowered in their lives! xoxoxo

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nutty But Wonderful Day!

This day has been utterly non-stop. Of course, it didn't help that I was up until 3 AM in the first place! I watched and reviewed a great show on Oxygen called Dance Your A** Off. After I sent off my review I was so pumped that I couldn't sleep! After finally falling asleep, I got up at Noon!

This set me into superwoman mode for the day. Laundry needed to be done, along with several writing projects that are going on at the same time. I meant to get on the treadmill at about 3:30, but first had to finish up a couple of things on here. dad called, so I spent some time talking to him and finally made it on the treadmill at 5 PM. This was not negotiable...I NEEDED to get my exercise in!

I went at 2.8 mph for my walk, but I also was brave enough to do something that I had never done up until now. I walked the entire time without holding onto the sides of the treadmill! I always think of Jillian yelling at people not to hold on, and I've done it for a couple of minutes here and there, but this was the first time I did it all the way through...37 minutes straight. Also, I usually walked at 2.5 while holding I went faster and pumped my arms at the same time! I know Jillian would be proud, while at the same time she'd bump up my speed. That's OK, I consider this a personal victory.

Now I'm showered and ready for my next about 45 minutes I'm recapping So You Think You Can Dance. This is the thing: I'm loving every minute of this crazy day. It's so wonderful to be doing something you love and also taking care of your body. I feel like I'm really living life...and it feels awesome!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Take Care of Yourself

It feels so good to be able to really exercise again! I did Bob Harper's challenge on Facebook, and went walking. Between Bob's challenges and Jillian's great food advice, I'm in good hands!

I want to stress how important it is that we take the time to take care of ourselves. We are so busy taking care of everyone else in our lives that we neglect ourselves. When we don't do what we need to do for us, everything suffers. We don't feel well, and then we can't do all of the other things we need to do. Our families, friends, and jobs suffer because we don't schedule that time in to exercise and make sure we eat healthy foods.

On top of that, we wind up having more medical problems. I've been out of work for almost 3 years now, and this past October I had horrible pain in my gums and jaw. I mean the kind of pain that makes childbirth look easy. Turns out I had to have two root canals and get crowns on my teeth. I hadn't been to the dentist in a couple of years, because of finances and lack of dental insurance. I still brushed and flossed every day, but hadn't had the regular checkups and cleanings that I needed. It would have been much cheaper to do the preventative measures...instead it cost me thousands of dollars to take care of the problem. (And don't forget the PAIN!)

This is also a lesson learned from my good friend who just passed away. She was excellent at her job and took wonderful care of her family, friends, and clients. The problem was...she didn't schedule in enough time to take care of herself. She told me that she was working on finding the time to take care of her health. Unfortunately, she passed away at age 37, before she could really turn the situation around. We all miss her so much, and would rather that she had said say no to things a few times so she could take care of herself and still be here with us. And she's not the only one...I've heard this from a lot of people, either about themselves or their friends.

I'm not saying that you should only think about yourself. I'm saying we need to make sure we work on that balance of time so we can feel better, have more energy, and be more productive. Besides...our loved ones want us around for a long time!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Seal of Approval

Today was the day I've been waiting for...patiently, I think, but still hopeful that I would hear the words I really wanted to hear. I prayed a lot, made plans for what I would do if I heard the good news, and prayed some more.

Today was my check-up with the surgeon who performed my biopsies. I already had received the wonderful news that everything was benign, but at this appointment he was to check how my stitches were healing and tell me where to go from here. I got to his office and kept myself calm, knowing that so far everything looked good to me. Chances were good that it would look that way to him as well.

My son played video games as I was called in to see Dr. Trillis. I got changed into the lovely paper bolero jacket that I was given to wear for the exam. This type of "garment" makes it easier for the doctor to examine the breast area without you having to be totally undressed from the waist up. Now, I love bolero jackets, but usually on male dancers who are about to perform the Paso Doble. If I were to wear one, it would have to be a lot more stylish than this.

Of course, I was willing to put up with this fashion statement for the short time it took for the doctor to examine me. Thankfully it was not cold in his office. He came in and went over all of the details with me, then he examined the stitches. He was extremely pleased with the way I was healing. He also knew how anxious I was to get back to my workout routine, so he gave me that news I'd been longing to hear...I got the full go-ahead from him to work out as much as I want!

This was music to my ears. I've been spending all of the days that I couldn't exercise reading about it, so I have plenty of ideas about what to do next. I managed a short walk before my son's baseball game tonight, but tomorrow I will be going much harder on myself than that. You really learn to appreciate the ability to exercise after you've been laid up for almost a couple of weeks. I am not going to take that ability for granted now.

To put the proverbial icing on the cake...I weighed in this morning, and I weigh 209.6. That means I lost 1.4 pounds this week, even with barely being able to move because of the rash and the medication for it. Sticking with my healthy eating plan really paid off! Just think what this week will hold in store, when I can combine the eating and exercise plan. Watch out, here I come!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Smart Celebrating

Today we finally had the chance to celebrate our anniversary. I was determined not to ruin all of the hard work I've been doing, and we needed to keep it budget-friendly, so our family went to Applebee's. We actually haven't been there in quite a while, so it turned out to be a nice treat.

Ordering something that is healthy is easier at Applebee's, especially since they have their Weight Watchers menu items. I don't count points, but at least I know I'm not falling into a huge fat and calorie trap when I order one of these items. I've had a few of the entrees before, but I wanted to try something I haven't had yet. I decided on the Garlic Herb Chicken, which comes with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables. It was really delicious, and I did not feel like I was being deprived while dining out. I also have to say here...I had diet soda as a treat with my meal, since I haven't had any in several days. It did not taste as good as I thought it would; water would actually have hit the spot more. I know better for next time, and it's great that I'm starting to actually prefer water over soda. (or as we Midwesterners say...pop!)

We did decide to splurge on dessert, but my husband, son and I split one dessert. We had the Triple Chocolate Meltdown, which is very decadent. I was quite satisfied with only one third of the dessert, and this way I treated myself without going overboard.

After dinner, we took a long drive along Lake Erie, enjoying the breeze and the beauty around us. It was just what I needed after the tough times during this past week. We took a walk around the neighborhood when we got home, and now it's time to relax. I feel a lot less stressed, since I didn't stuff myself and we did other things to have fun other than eat.

This summer I challenge all of you to concentrate more on the fun activities of the season, rather than the food. I bet we will all enjoy our summer more...and be healthier by autumn!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wedding Anniversary - A Look Back

Sixteen years ago today, I walked down the aisle at St. Bartholomew Church in Middleburg Heights, Ohio and married my wonderful husband. It was such a great time in our lives. As we started our journey together as husband and wife, I was much thinner and my husband had more hair. My mom and his dad were both still alive, and we both had jobs. I still have a lot of clothes from those days in the back of the closet, hoping to fit back into them someday. I know some of them are hopelessly out of style, but there are some classics that would still work today and are still in great shape!

What's not in such great shape is my body. My weight has been up and down over the last sixteen years, but mostly up. I lost quite a few pounds a couple of times, but they came back and brought their friends to stay with them. Well, those pounds are not welcome anymore. I've let them stay too long at The Hotel Marie. I've already kicked a couple of them out, and I'm putting up the No Vacancy sign so that they know they are not allowed back. All the rest of the unwanted pounds have received notices under their doors that their stay is not indefinite.

I did a great job with my eating today, but tomorrow is the day we will go out to dinner and celebrate our anniversary. Our son had a baseball game tonight, so we will just celebrate longer! No gifts because of the job situation, but my dad is taking care of the dinner celebration as his gift. I will stay in control with this dinner, and let you know where we go and what I order. It's been a little frustrating having to stay still the last few days, but I learned a lot during that time that God wanted me to see, so it was well worth it. I'm moving around much better now, so it will be back to exercise too.

So as I look over our Wedding Album and remember that wonderful time in our lives, I also look ahead to the awesome times to come. By next year's anniversary I will be healthier and in better shape, and I look forward with hope to God's plans for me! (And to my extra pounds: you can check out...but you can't check in!)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Healing...and Never Giving Up!

I am on a long journey of healing. Not just healing my body, but my spirit as well. I have come a long way...but I am human after all, so I am going to have my down days like everyone else. The key is not letting myself stay down.

Even with all of my recent medical issues and the death of my wonderful friend Sharon, I have kept my eating pretty healthy. Not perfect, but much better than I would have done before under these kinds of stress. I haven't really been able to exercise much in the last week, but I got a couple of days of exercise in between the surgery and the rash. Last night I was finally able to sit without discomfort, and once my thighs heal a little more I'll be able to go walking again. I'm trying to do what exercises I can that are not irritating to the healing process.

As for my spirit...well, you know I am all about positive thinking. I've had my times when I've been depressed, and I am giving it to God and staying positive. The down moments are what brings us around to our triumphs...with God we will get there. I had a Facebook friend tell me yesterday that he really hopes things come around for me, because all of my friends like me better when I'm positive. Now I always post things that are going on with me...even if it's something that is not pleasant I still keep my chin up about it. I guess maybe he can't handle when something imperfect happens in someone's life. For about 3 days I only popped in on Facebook to let people know why I wasn't on much so they wouldn't worry, and to keep up with news about Sharon's condition. I'm on medication that makes me sleepy and couldn't even sit at the computer; I had to stand to type. I never said any "woe is me" kind of stuff, just the facts of why I wasn't on much. Then Sharon was in the hospital, very ill, and I asked my friends to pray for her. After I reported on Tuesday evening that she had passed away...I received that comment from my friend. I don't see anything wrong with being sad or upset over losing a good friend, or posting a tribute to her life. Something would be very wrong with me if I didn't grieve over such a wonderful person leaving us so soon. This person knows that I lift my friends up when they are down, and they are there to do the same for me when I'm having a rough day. Luckily all of my other friends understand this, but I had to address this comment because staying positive does not mean being blind to the things going on in your life that are not going the way you want them means dealing with them and pressing on, knowing things will get better. It means adapting when you have to, but never giving up.

That's what I am trying to show here: my life is not perfect, and nobody else's is either. Telling you about what I'm dealing with is important, because it shows how to deal with the things that come up in your life that you do not have control over. I have a bad day, or even more than one, but I pray, pick up and move on. I am going to mourn my friend while going on with life. We are all going to have our moments when we don't feel our best, we have to experience that, learn from it, and move forward. Obviously I've had to adapt my eating and exercising and adjust while I'm healing, but I am not giving up on weight loss or life...and neither should you!

I do want to thank the 99% of people who have helped me through their prayers and positive thoughts. We are all on earth to support each other, and I appreciate yours so much. I also want to thank that 1% as well, because I got to share this with all of you because of that comment, and maybe it will help someone else. Helping each other is what it's all about! xoxoxo

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In Memory of Sharon

Good morning's post will not be about weight loss. My very good friend and colleague Sharon passed away yesterday. She was only 37 years old. This blog is my tribute to her.

It's fitting that I use a blog to pay tribute to Sharon, since this is what I do as part of my career, and so did she. In fact, that's how we met. We both wound up working for the same person, and he brought us together. Things did not work out for us with that particular client, but I will always be thankful that God worked through him and brought Sharon and me together.

Sharon liked what I did for that first client so much that she offered me a guest blog spot on Ballroom Dance Channel, to fill in for her while she attended the live performance show of Dancing With The Stars that week. She was invited by her boss, Tony Dovolani, to attend that night...and she wanted me to write the show recap for the BDC Wordpress blog while she was there. With as much as I love both writing and dancing, of course I said yes. My first recap blog went over well with Sharon, Sammi, and others who work for and keep up with BDC, so Sharon invited me to keep on doing them every week. She said we both catch things during the show that the other one doesn't, and it would be great for our readers to have two recaps each week.

You see, Sharon was a very generous and loving person. She did not mind sharing the spotlight, and she wanted to give me a good start so I would have some writing published for a well-known show, so I could have it on my writing resume to land other writing jobs. She had recently told me that if I ever needed a letter of recommendation to write a piece for another client, she would gladly write one for me. She also has me writing for So You Think You Can Dance now too.

We had also hit it off personally, from the very first time we spoke on the phone. We never met in person, since I'm in Cleveland and she was in San Diego, but between the internet and the phone we became almost like sisters. We loved a lot of the same things and thought the same way about a lot as well, but we were not so alike that it was boring. She was both fun and professional at the same time, and you could talk to her about anything. If she didn't agree about something she'd let you know, but in such a way that the disagreement never bothered you. She was one of the most sincere people I've ever known in my life, and I miss her terribly already.

Sharon's husband said that God must have needed someone to be his personal assistant. I can really picture that now. I'm sure she is Dancing With The Angels...and of course writing about it. Rest in peace my dear friend, you have touched my life forever and I love you always.

xoxoxo Marie

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rough Couple of Days

Hi've probably been wondering why you haven't heard from me since Saturday. I was in the emergency room very late Saturday night, with a rash spreading quite a bit, in some very delicate areas. It also spread to my waistline area. The ER doctor gave me a cream to use, but not only did it not help...the rash starting spreading even more. I got a call in to my regular doctor (the answering service paged him) and he gave me sone instructions on what to do until the next morning when he wanted to see me in his office. The temporary measures helped a little for the night, and when the doctor saw me yesterday, he gave me a much stronger cream, a steroid pack to take which decreases day by day, a medicine to take care of the fungal infection and one more to help relieve the itching. He said that the fungal infection might be due to the vicodin I was on, and not to take anymore of it, which I had stopped taking already Friday night.

So...sitting is very uncomfortable, but getting easier. I still have quite a way to go with the healing, but at least now what I'm taking is working and there is starting to be some relief. This is why I have not been on the computer much lately, but I wanted to give you an update.

Also, yesterday morning I still weighed myself (since they were going to weigh me at the doctor's anyway) and I stayed the same as last week...211. I'm very happy with that, from having surgery this week and all of the rest, that's an accomplishment in itself. I'm still eating healthy foods, which will also help in my healing. God is still great...He always has been, He always will be!

I also want to include something here: my very good friend Sharon is in the hospital, and without violating her privacy, I can tell you it's very serious. Please pray for her as well. Thank you! xoxoxo

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Roller Coaster Day

Yesterday was such a crazy day, filled with good news and bad news. First I learned my biopsy came out fine...both areas were benign fibroids. I was beyond happy...praising God and spreading my good news to my family and friends.

Then a couple of hours later, I got a call from my husband. He was let go from his new job. He had been laid off from his original job, was out of work for a couple of weeks, and started at this new company the day after Memorial Day. Everything seemed to be going fact, his bosses there kept telling him how much they liked him. Yesterday morning a budget meeting was held, and the company had to make some cuts, like so many other companies right now. Since my husband was the last one hired, he was the first one to go. He told me how much he is starting to hate 3 PM on Fridays.

The thing is...the day my husband got this job was the same day I found out I had to have this surgery. Now the day I find out everything is fine with my surgery and results, my husband loses this job. Believe me, the irony is not lost on me here. I am still staying positive, but I did have a couple of hours last night when I broke down over all of the news from the day. When breast cancer runs in your family and this is the third surgery of this kind that you've gone through, it really hits you hard when you get the good news that everything is OK once again. I've stayed strong for so long, but as I thought about the fact that my health is more important than any job, I started to lose it. I was extra thankful to God that I had good results, since now my husband is out of work again. Obviously we still need income, and so many other people in this country do too. God got me through my surgery, and He is at work on the job situation as well. I have total faith in Him.

My walk was short yesterday, but it was a start back to exercise after the events of this week. The coach took the kids out for ice cream after the baseball game, and I did splurge on a SMALL Hot Fudge Sundae. (Just ice cream and other toppings.) Now today is a new day - I have a new lease on life thanks to my great health report, and I know God is working and has wonderful things in store. I am not going to mess up His work by getting down. I will keep my positive thoughts, and follow that up with positive, healthy actions.

Here's to a bright future ahead for all of us!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thanks be to God!!!

Well my friends, I get to start this post off with great news...I just heard from my doctor a little while ago, and everything is fine. The two areas that were biopsied are benign; they are fibroids just like before. I am so thankful to God for this wonderful news, and thankful to my friends and family for their constant prayers and support!

Don't worry, I will not go out and celebrate this news with drinks, a fattening dinner or tons of sugar. I will just enjoy my son's baseball game tonight and say many prayers of thanks. I will also celebrate by continuing to eat well, so I can get healthy in every way! Less garbage put into my body means less garbage that I will have to deal with at the doctor's office.

I'm also going to go for that walk...but I must say I've started my exercise for the day by doing my own little happy dance after the doctor called with the good news. Nothing too strenuous, since I still have to be cautious with the stitches. It was still a very happy dance!!!

Getting good news like this when you've been uncertain of the outcome for two weeks really gives you a new lease on life. Yes, I was staying positive about everything, but until you know for sure it's always in the back of your mind. This also keeps me motivated to continue the healthy habits I've started, even more than I already was.

I understand that today is both National Donut Day and National Eat Fruit Day...I think you know which one I'm choosing to celebrate! A morning news show had dozens of donuts laid out on their set for this occasion, and the sight of them just made me sick. (And I've been known to eat a few donuts in my time!) So if you must honor Donut Day, please just have one. This time I'm going to stick with the healthier holiday!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Going Stir Crazy!

I can't wait to do something! Now that I've finally started getting active again, it's driving me nuts having to rest. Now that I'm not using as much of the pain medication, it's getting harder to sit still.

I know I can't overdo it, but I'm looking forward to getting things done again. I do have a dance recap to write tonight...I had to have someone cover for me last night because of the pain and the meds. At least tonight I'll be able to write a coherent recap without vicodin interfering. I can now get away with only taking it at night, and pretty soon I shouldn't need it at all.

It's also finally nice outside again, and I want to go for a walk! Tomorrow I should finally be able to do that. I'll just stay at my end of the I'm not too far away from my house in case I get tired too easily. If I'm doing OK, I'll just walk extra laps where I am. I know I have to listen to my body - not doing that is what got me into so much trouble in the first place!

I'm still sticking to my healthy eating plan too. Not only is it good for losing weight, but also for helping me to heal. There is so much that I'm learning in Master Your Metabolism...and I have not been treating my body right. It shows to the outside world in my weight, but I can feel from the inside that things need to be taken care of and fixed. The more I read, the more amazed I am!

Thank you everone once again for your love, prayers, and support. You are all helping me stay strong and matter what life throws at me!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Having to Chill

Well, it's the day after surgery and I'm feeling pretty good for the most part. I have some pain, but the pain medication helps with that. Of course, the meds are making me sleepy, so I'm definitely following doctor's orders to rest!

Breakfast was Cheerios with 1% milk, and lunch was the other half of the Subway sandwich from last night. (Thanks again Dad! xoxoxo) I'm especially motivated to keep on eating the right foods, because I can't do much in the way of exercise to burn it off yet.

That is the hard part, other than waiting for the lab results. I need to rest for a couple of days, and then I can start walking and getting back into things. As far as certain exercises, I see my doctor in two weeks so he can see how I'm healing, then he will tell me how much more I can do from there. I definitely won't be sitting around after tomorrow...but I know I can't overdo it either. Still praying and staying positive for good news from the lab, and otherwise forging ahead.

I know this is a short post for me, (I write novels...I tend to be more long-winded than this!) but I'm getting tired again from the medication, so I will be a little more talkative tomorrow! ;o)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Surgery Day

After being so relaxed up until today, I got a little nervous this morning while waiting to be wheeled down to surgery. I guess that's a part of being human, but I was determined not to let myself get all stressed out about this. I prayed...and after remembering that God is with me no matter what and He will get me through anything, the fear went away.

Everything went very well today. The doctor removed both of the very small areas from my breast to be tested. I've had some removed before that were benign, and the doctor still thinks the same about these, but I have such a strong family history of breast cancer that he wants to be safe. Other than being very tired and taking pain medication, I'm feeling pretty good. The doctor wants me to rest, so I just wanted to let you know how things went today, and I did want to share one weight loss related tidbit.

My dad took me to the hospital this morning and stayed with me, because my husband had just started his new job and couldn't take the time off. He checked in with my dad all day, feeling awful that he couldn't be at the hospital with me. When my dad brought me home, my son had just gotten home from school, and we were both starving. (Mind you, I couldn't eat all day because of the surgery and all I'd had up to that point was the bagel and cranberry juice the nurse gave me after I woke up.) My dad offered to go get us something for dinner, and we chose...Subway! No greasy fast food for us, we wanted something healthy. Like I said before, just because I have to take it easy for a couple of days does not mean that I am at liberty to eat anything and everything I want. I still need to eat healthy food, even more so now because I can't burn it off.

So remember...just because one wrench is thrown into your weight loss plans, you don't have to dump the rest of the tool box in as well! Do what you are able, and soon you will be able to do the rest. (Speaking of rest, the meds are kicking in!)

Marie :o)

Monday, June 1, 2009

First Week Moment of Truth

It's been one full days of eating healthier foods and getting a good amount of exercise. (No, I do not count all of the thoughts moving around in my mind as exercise!) I did miss one day of working out due to a migraine, but otherwise the week went pretty well.

So...this morning I performed my usual weigh-in ritual: go to the bathroom, strip down to my birthday suit, etc. I tapped on the scale with my foot to make the zeroes register, then stepped on and prayed.

The number is...drumroll please...211.0! I lost 2.2 pounds this week. Usually I expect more out of the first week when I start a weight loss program, because typically I lose somewhere between 3 and 5 pounds at the start. There 2 reasons why I am OK with this number. First of all I'm dealing with PMS right now, which always messes with my weight. (I know, PMS and surgery tomorrow...I hit the jackpot! HA HA)

The second reason is this: I know I could have done better. I had a good start, but I'm seeing places where there's room for improvement, exercise and food wise. I'm learning more about the food end of it the further I get into Master Your Metabolism. As for working out, one of the most recent Biggest Loser contestants, Kristin Steede, mentioned something on her blog which is so true. We all find out that we are capable of so much more than we thought we were. She found out on the ranch that she had it in her all along to make changes and push herself to be her best. We all have that inside of us...and I know many ways I could have (and should have) pushed myself harder.

I am having surgery tomorrow morning, so for a couple of days I will not be pushing fact, the doctor will not allow it. He told me to start with walking after I get at least two days of rest, and not overdo it right away. I will be following his advice. I will still be eating the healthy way and seeing what I can improve in that department. I will do what exercise I can, and then start pushing myself when the time is right. I will still be writing here every day, though tomorrow it will probably be much later in the day. I will still weigh in next Monday to keep track of where I am. I am going to work through my temporary setback with you here, so we can all learn how to deal with our setbacks in life.

Thank you so much for all of your comments and prayers, both here and on my Facebook page. They mean the world to me, and help me so much on my journey. My wish is that I can help you on yours too...there are still no excuses, and we will do this together!

Marie :o)