Thursday, June 4, 2009

Going Stir Crazy!

I can't wait to do something! Now that I've finally started getting active again, it's driving me nuts having to rest. Now that I'm not using as much of the pain medication, it's getting harder to sit still.

I know I can't overdo it, but I'm looking forward to getting things done again. I do have a dance recap to write tonight...I had to have someone cover for me last night because of the pain and the meds. At least tonight I'll be able to write a coherent recap without vicodin interfering. I can now get away with only taking it at night, and pretty soon I shouldn't need it at all.

It's also finally nice outside again, and I want to go for a walk! Tomorrow I should finally be able to do that. I'll just stay at my end of the I'm not too far away from my house in case I get tired too easily. If I'm doing OK, I'll just walk extra laps where I am. I know I have to listen to my body - not doing that is what got me into so much trouble in the first place!

I'm still sticking to my healthy eating plan too. Not only is it good for losing weight, but also for helping me to heal. There is so much that I'm learning in Master Your Metabolism...and I have not been treating my body right. It shows to the outside world in my weight, but I can feel from the inside that things need to be taken care of and fixed. The more I read, the more amazed I am!

Thank you everone once again for your love, prayers, and support. You are all helping me stay strong and matter what life throws at me!

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