Friday, June 5, 2009

Thanks be to God!!!

Well my friends, I get to start this post off with great news...I just heard from my doctor a little while ago, and everything is fine. The two areas that were biopsied are benign; they are fibroids just like before. I am so thankful to God for this wonderful news, and thankful to my friends and family for their constant prayers and support!

Don't worry, I will not go out and celebrate this news with drinks, a fattening dinner or tons of sugar. I will just enjoy my son's baseball game tonight and say many prayers of thanks. I will also celebrate by continuing to eat well, so I can get healthy in every way! Less garbage put into my body means less garbage that I will have to deal with at the doctor's office.

I'm also going to go for that walk...but I must say I've started my exercise for the day by doing my own little happy dance after the doctor called with the good news. Nothing too strenuous, since I still have to be cautious with the stitches. It was still a very happy dance!!!

Getting good news like this when you've been uncertain of the outcome for two weeks really gives you a new lease on life. Yes, I was staying positive about everything, but until you know for sure it's always in the back of your mind. This also keeps me motivated to continue the healthy habits I've started, even more than I already was.

I understand that today is both National Donut Day and National Eat Fruit Day...I think you know which one I'm choosing to celebrate! A morning news show had dozens of donuts laid out on their set for this occasion, and the sight of them just made me sick. (And I've been known to eat a few donuts in my time!) So if you must honor Donut Day, please just have one. This time I'm going to stick with the healthier holiday!

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