Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Confused

Well, it's been a busy last few days, but I did exercise every day this week except for Sunday. I was determined to step it up after a couple of weeks in which I was not allowed to exercise that much. I certainly thought I did well with my eating too, even being careful at our Father's Day celebration. I was expecting a decent loss on the scale yesterday morning.

I took care of the other Monday morning rituals and then stepped on the scale, eager to see where the number would stop. Imagine my shock when I discovered that I had gained two pounds! What??? I just could not understand what happened. After all, the week before I still lost 1.4 pounds when I could barely move. How did I gain this week with all of the exercise?

I spent about an hour in a funk after getting off the scale. You name it, I felt it: anger, sadness, frustration, confusion, even a little doubt. I was trying to figure out where I went wrong, but I wasn't thinking clearly at that time.

After my little pity party, I calmed down and tried to rationally think about the past week. I thought of a couple of bad food choices, but still didn't think that those things really contributed too much to my gain. I am still analyzing the situation as this point, but I have decided one thing to be absolutely certain.

I will not give up!!! It's just a little setback, and I will work on what ever I can to make this a better week. God wants me to succeed, and maybe this week was meant to teach me an important lesson. He is the one who gives me the strength to accomplish my goals, and I will trust in Him always.

I can be proud of one thing...I did not go off the deep end after the gain, as I would have in the past. I didn't use it as an excuse to eat everything in sight. I didn't decide not to exercise, thinking "what's the use" like I've done before. What ever size I finally wind up at, eating the right foods and exercise is still important to my health. I went to the store and bought some more of my favorite Greek yogurt, along with two magazines: Shape and Self. I'm going to keep putting all of the positive thoughts in my mind, and however long the process is, there will be a positive outcome!

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