Thursday, February 24, 2011

Speaking Sleepinese

The other morning, my still tired son got up for school and began to eat his breakfast. As he tried to ask me a question, he said something that made absolutely no sense. I repeated back what he said to me, which made him snap out of it and laugh...asking, "Did I really say that?" Itold him yes, and on the spur of the moment I said he must be speaking another language, which I dubbed "sleepinese". That only made him laugh harder.
As I've thought about my new word since then, I began to realize that many of us speak some form of sleepinese, even if we are wide awake. We continue to say the same things over and over to ourselves...things that make us think that we can't change our lives for the better and that we're stuck in the same place we've always been. We run on autopilot, doing what we've always done because it's all we know, and it's our comfort zone. It feels so much easier to sleepwalk through our lives and speak those words of mediocrity or defeat. We tell ourselves that it would take too much effort to change, we're too old now, or where we are right now is OK...even if deep down we are really sick of being stuck where we are and tired of being unhealthy.
Just as actual sleepwalking can be dangerous, so can speaking sleepinese and continuing in our life ruts. We need to step out in faith, speaking words of health, life, and empowerment. We must ask God for his help...not just praying our usual words without really listening to what we say to Him, but truly speaking to God from our souls and listening for His answers. When you catch yourself saying those words of sleepinese, change them immediately. Ask God lead you to the words that will get you on the path to living a full life, and the courage to put those words into action.
No more sleepwalking through's time to shine, just the way God made us to do!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Scale Forgave Me...

If you read my post yesterday, you know that I stood up my scale for our weekly Monday morning date. It wasn't on purpose, but I still felt weird about it all day.
Mr. Scale must have decided to forgive me, because when I apologized this morning and stepped on I discovered that I lost 1 pound for the week. That may not seem like a lot, but last week was rough in so many ways...from school projects to being sick, I did my best all week but it wasn't up to my usual workout standards. I now weigh 210.8. I am more than a number on the scale, but it's good to know that I'm making progress as I watch that number get smaller every week. And it's also a wonderful feeling that even on my roughest days, I do as much as I can instead of just saying forget it and sitting on the couch the whole time.
God made us to overcome our circumstances and difficulties. I'm thankful to Him that this is being revealed to me...a little at a time, just like the weight loss that shows on my scale.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Guess What I Forgot To Do?

Oh, you're gonna love this one. I forgot to weigh myself this morning! Now how, you may ask, does something like this happen? I normally have such a good memory...and it's way too soon for me to start having senior moments!
Well, I blame it on the President. No, not the current President...he has enough problems already. I actually blame it on President's Day, because my son does not have school today and on top of that my husband also has the day off. So, it doesn't feel like a Monday. We slept in, ate breakfast, and got to work on things...writing for me, male bonding stuff for them. I was in the middle of my first writing assignment when I realized I'd stood up my scale for our weekly date. And it was too late to rectify the situation, because I had already eaten and I always weigh myself when I get up before eating or drinking anything.
I've rescheduled my date for tomorrow morning...I can only hope Mr. Scale doesn't think it's too late to apologize. (Cue the One Republic music.) I sure hope that bringing him flowers in the morning works, and he doesn't punish me with a bad number!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Healthy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you have a great day and if you indulge, just don't make it too much! :o)
We went yesterday for our Valentine's dinner because Monday nights are always busy around here. At Red Lobster I had grilled seafood, and only ate half so I have some left for today. I did have one chocolate coconut bar from the bakery...part of the gift from my dad. The other part of his gift was a digital camera because he knows I needed one. Instead of all sweets, he got us only a little and gave a gift that is not fattening and will be used year-round. I'm so thankful he recognizes that we are trying to be healthier and that he is so thoughtful to give me something I really can use!
Since I did indulge a little yesterday, I didn't lose a lot this week. But my scale did read .4 pounds less today than last Monday, so I'm still going in the right direction. One of the main things is to enjoy your family, friends, and loved ones more than the Valentine remember that today as you celebrate!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Healthy Trip Down Memory Lane

As I was cleaning yesterday, I came across one Christmas decoration that I forgot to pack away in January. It was a wreath that my mom my guess is that I subconsciously did it on purpose. It wasn't still up on the wall, but on a chair that isn't often used so I must have been ready to put it in the box and "forgot".
This wreath reminded me just how creative my mom was. She never graduated from high school because she had to drop out and work to support her mom, sister, and brothers. But her wit was always sharp, and she was always doing something crafty...crocheting, embroidery, making flower arrangements as gifts to the people my dad sold houses to when he was in real estate, and so on.
My cousin Carol was also extremely creative...even though she was always a sweetheart she could have given Martha Stewart a run for her money in the "I can make anything" department. Many of our nights were spent at Carol's condo, eating pizza, listening to the radio and making crafts. My mom and I went with Carol to a lot of craft shows, seeing things we wanted to make ourselves, so then we would gather all of the supplies necessary and create our own. My mom made the wreath on one of these occasions, and hers is much prettier than any I've ever seen at any craft show.
Normally when I think of my mom or Carol, I suddenly have a taste for the foods we used to eat, fried fish from Long John Silver's, or Mickey D's. Those thoughts still crossed my mind yesterday, but instead of giving in to the craving I decided to think CREATIVELY. I thought about what I could make next, instead of what to eat. Though they are no longer with me on earth, they are watching over me from heaven and wouldn't want me to sabotage my health for a memory. I got really excited thinking about new projects!
And yes, that is me in the red dress in the photo above. It was taken whle my husband and I were engaged, along with our parents. My father-in-law is also no longer with us...but my mother-in-law and my dad thankfully are. I still have that red dress, and though it may no longer be in style my goal is to fit back into it. I know I will get continuing to be in the right frame of mind and praying often!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet Taste of Victory!

Last week was a mini-victory on the scale, but a major one in sticking to my healthy habits. I kept on moving toward my goals this week, refusing to give in to all of the "treats" presented to me and finding ways to fit in a lot of prayer and exercise. Today it paid off not only in life, but on the scale...I lost 1.2 pounds, putting me at 212.2 now. I will be putting even more effort in this week, so I can get under 210 once again.
I did have one little sugary treat for the Super Bowl last night. Someone made peanut butter brownies, and they were out of this world! Normally I would have gone back to the tray a few times and had more, but this time I enjoyed my only brownie, savoring the texture and flavor so that I would be satisfied with one. And it worked! I didn't want another one because I took the time to really enjoy it instead of just popping it in my mouth barely tasting it. I had the sweet tast of the brownie, along with a very sweet victory.
Life really is sweeter when you take the time to enjoy every moment!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weathering The Storm

Finally...there's school today! I enjoyed having my son home the past couple of days, but he was starting to get bored and ready to go back. And now I can catch up on work that needs to be done!

Most of the country has been dealing with the big winter storm. Some of you may still be dealing with it. Here in Cleveland we had a little bit (actually, A LOT!) of everything...snow, rain, sleet, freezing rain, ice, more snow. Forget outdoor exercise; thank God for my treadmill and workout DVDs! We made it through and today I'm looking through my office window at the beautiful sunshine over the sparkling snow. The sun was always there...we just couldn't see it for a while.

Inside each of us is our own personal winter storm, which most likely has a little bit (or a lot) of everything...weight issues, addictions, stress, depression, financial problems, fears. Even though we can't see Him, the Son is always there to help us through our storms. It may take a while to get through it and dig out from under, but God is there through it all. We just need to call on Him when we can't see through the blinding snow. We WILL come out on the other side of it stronger and long as we let Him lead the way.

Hope you are all safe and warm in this winter weather!