Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Healthy Trip Down Memory Lane

As I was cleaning yesterday, I came across one Christmas decoration that I forgot to pack away in January. It was a wreath that my mom my guess is that I subconsciously did it on purpose. It wasn't still up on the wall, but on a chair that isn't often used so I must have been ready to put it in the box and "forgot".
This wreath reminded me just how creative my mom was. She never graduated from high school because she had to drop out and work to support her mom, sister, and brothers. But her wit was always sharp, and she was always doing something crafty...crocheting, embroidery, making flower arrangements as gifts to the people my dad sold houses to when he was in real estate, and so on.
My cousin Carol was also extremely creative...even though she was always a sweetheart she could have given Martha Stewart a run for her money in the "I can make anything" department. Many of our nights were spent at Carol's condo, eating pizza, listening to the radio and making crafts. My mom and I went with Carol to a lot of craft shows, seeing things we wanted to make ourselves, so then we would gather all of the supplies necessary and create our own. My mom made the wreath on one of these occasions, and hers is much prettier than any I've ever seen at any craft show.
Normally when I think of my mom or Carol, I suddenly have a taste for the foods we used to eat, fried fish from Long John Silver's, or Mickey D's. Those thoughts still crossed my mind yesterday, but instead of giving in to the craving I decided to think CREATIVELY. I thought about what I could make next, instead of what to eat. Though they are no longer with me on earth, they are watching over me from heaven and wouldn't want me to sabotage my health for a memory. I got really excited thinking about new projects!
And yes, that is me in the red dress in the photo above. It was taken whle my husband and I were engaged, along with our parents. My father-in-law is also no longer with us...but my mother-in-law and my dad thankfully are. I still have that red dress, and though it may no longer be in style my goal is to fit back into it. I know I will get continuing to be in the right frame of mind and praying often!

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