Monday, February 21, 2011

Guess What I Forgot To Do?

Oh, you're gonna love this one. I forgot to weigh myself this morning! Now how, you may ask, does something like this happen? I normally have such a good memory...and it's way too soon for me to start having senior moments!
Well, I blame it on the President. No, not the current President...he has enough problems already. I actually blame it on President's Day, because my son does not have school today and on top of that my husband also has the day off. So, it doesn't feel like a Monday. We slept in, ate breakfast, and got to work on things...writing for me, male bonding stuff for them. I was in the middle of my first writing assignment when I realized I'd stood up my scale for our weekly date. And it was too late to rectify the situation, because I had already eaten and I always weigh myself when I get up before eating or drinking anything.
I've rescheduled my date for tomorrow morning...I can only hope Mr. Scale doesn't think it's too late to apologize. (Cue the One Republic music.) I sure hope that bringing him flowers in the morning works, and he doesn't punish me with a bad number!

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