Monday, October 22, 2012

Fitness Pinspiration

Hello.  My name is Marie...and I'm a Pin-a-holic.

I've posted before about being hooked on Pinterest, but I'm finding an upside to my addiction.  There are a lot of REALLY good ideas there.  Ideas I actually use.

I know some people pin things just for fun, and I do have a few of boards like that as well.  But my favorite ones are those that actually teach me something and lift me up.

I have a board dedicated to fitness, and I've gathered some incredible workouts and exercise ideas.  I haven't tried all of them yet, but I have done quite a few.  And they WORK.  It helps me to mix up my routine so my body doesn't get stuck in a rut.  Another board of mine is filled with healthy recipes and food tips.  The recipes I have made so far turned out well...and are delicious as well as nutritious.  A win-win situation!

Then there's my Faith board...Bible verses and quotes are there to lift me up whenever I need encouragement.  It's so nice to have everything organized onto boards so I can go to the right category when I need something.  (Now I just need to get my house as organized as Pinterest...)

Of course I also keep boards of holiday and decorating ideas, books, and dance inspiration.  Oh yeah - I also have a section for clothes I want when I reach my goal weight.  That's good motivation right there!

If you wish to follow me over there I'm at .  We can swap ideas and all learn something to get us closer to our goals.  Come join the fun!

Friday, October 12, 2012

This Is Dedicated to the One I Love - My Mom!

This time of the year is always tough for me.  From October 8th through the 12th, I think about the events of 18 years ago and how much I miss my mom.

Yes, I miss her often all year long, as there are so many things that remind me of her.  Autumn, as it was her favorite time of year complete with her favorite colors - orange and gold.  Christmas, when I pull out all of the ornaments that she made and proudly hang them on my tree.  Back-to-school time, when she confessed that unlike many other parents, she was sad to see school start because she enjoyed being able to spend so much time over the summer with me.

Whenever I do something creative, I think about all of her great ideas and the many crafts she taught me.  Watching Dancing With The Stars, I remember what a wonderful dancer she was and wish she was here to watch the show with me, because I know she would have been just as passionate about it as I am. And of course, I still watch Days of Our Lives, which premiered when my mom was expecting me.  Her favorite was Marlena (Deidre Hall), and whenever she appears on screen now I smile and think of Mom.  There are just so many ways that she pops into my head...and though some of those moments are still painful I'm glad they happen, because it shows that she's always here with me in spirit.

On October 8th, 1994, my mom died of cancer.  And October 11th is her birthday - she passed away three days before she would have turned 61.  My dad said he refused to bury her on her birthday, and I absolutely agreed.  Her funeral was on the 12th. 

So during this period of time every year, I wind up going back to that particular year and remembering.  Over time I've tried to think positive thoughts...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  And that's OK.  I am human and I'm going to miss my mom. 

I usually wind up eating stuff out of sadness...lots of sweets, foods Mom loved like fish and hushpuppies from Long John Silver's, and other comfort foods.  Definitely not good for my health and fitness.  So this year I tried to handle things a little differently.

While I still thought about her and missed her, I didn't eat a bunch of fattening foods.  Instead, I played some of her favorite music (Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Mario Lanza) and thought happy thoughts.  And yesterday, for her birthday, I went to spin class and dedicated my ride to her.  It was the best ride I've ever had - and there have been some really great ones before.  I pushed harder - for her.

I know that Mom is looking down at me and feeling proud that I did something constructive to celebrate her birthday.  She wouldn't want me to jeopardize my own health just because she's no longer here on earth.

So here's to you, Mom.  You've always been proud of me, but I will do all that is in my power, with God's help, to make you even prouder.  I love you always!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dealing With Ankle Pain - Part Two

Well, you remember that ankle/Achilles pain I told you about a while back?  I did wind up having to have some physical therapy.  I mentioned it to my doctor and he sent me to his physical therapist - turns out he has the same problem.

My therapist tested my ankle and thankfully it wasn't anything was a minor strain and I only needed a few sessions.  Everything feels much better now, and I still do the exercises she gave me at home.  Some are with a Theraband, like the exercise pictured above.  The Theraband is already my friend, since I use one to do some Pilates moves at home as well.  Other exercises have me standing high up on the balls of my feet, then stretching the ankle and heel down from a step; plus I need to balance on the injured foot to strengthen it.

I'm glad I asked my doctor about it when I did, so I could take care of the problem before it became something worse.  God truly had an angel watching out for me.  I was able to keep spinning and walking all along, and now I can do my step aerobics and Zumba again.  Once my ankles are even stronger, I'll be able to start running, at least a little at a time.

In the long run, this injury is making me stronger - which I'm sure is what God intended!  I'll be able to do more, and my balance will be better.  And as I continue to lose weight it will only improve. 

Sometimes it's tough to find the bright side when you are injured...but if you are dealing with an issue of this type I ask you to do just that.  You will be less stressed and frustrated...and you just might learn something about yourself in the process!