Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dealing With Ankle Pain - Part Two

Well, you remember that ankle/Achilles pain I told you about a while back?  I did wind up having to have some physical therapy.  I mentioned it to my doctor and he sent me to his physical therapist - turns out he has the same problem.

My therapist tested my ankle and thankfully it wasn't anything was a minor strain and I only needed a few sessions.  Everything feels much better now, and I still do the exercises she gave me at home.  Some are with a Theraband, like the exercise pictured above.  The Theraband is already my friend, since I use one to do some Pilates moves at home as well.  Other exercises have me standing high up on the balls of my feet, then stretching the ankle and heel down from a step; plus I need to balance on the injured foot to strengthen it.

I'm glad I asked my doctor about it when I did, so I could take care of the problem before it became something worse.  God truly had an angel watching out for me.  I was able to keep spinning and walking all along, and now I can do my step aerobics and Zumba again.  Once my ankles are even stronger, I'll be able to start running, at least a little at a time.

In the long run, this injury is making me stronger - which I'm sure is what God intended!  I'll be able to do more, and my balance will be better.  And as I continue to lose weight it will only improve. 

Sometimes it's tough to find the bright side when you are injured...but if you are dealing with an issue of this type I ask you to do just that.  You will be less stressed and frustrated...and you just might learn something about yourself in the process!

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