Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet Taste of Victory!

Last week was a mini-victory on the scale, but a major one in sticking to my healthy habits. I kept on moving toward my goals this week, refusing to give in to all of the "treats" presented to me and finding ways to fit in a lot of prayer and exercise. Today it paid off not only in life, but on the scale...I lost 1.2 pounds, putting me at 212.2 now. I will be putting even more effort in this week, so I can get under 210 once again.
I did have one little sugary treat for the Super Bowl last night. Someone made peanut butter brownies, and they were out of this world! Normally I would have gone back to the tray a few times and had more, but this time I enjoyed my only brownie, savoring the texture and flavor so that I would be satisfied with one. And it worked! I didn't want another one because I took the time to really enjoy it instead of just popping it in my mouth barely tasting it. I had the sweet tast of the brownie, along with a very sweet victory.
Life really is sweeter when you take the time to enjoy every moment!!!

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