Thursday, June 11, 2009

Healing...and Never Giving Up!

I am on a long journey of healing. Not just healing my body, but my spirit as well. I have come a long way...but I am human after all, so I am going to have my down days like everyone else. The key is not letting myself stay down.

Even with all of my recent medical issues and the death of my wonderful friend Sharon, I have kept my eating pretty healthy. Not perfect, but much better than I would have done before under these kinds of stress. I haven't really been able to exercise much in the last week, but I got a couple of days of exercise in between the surgery and the rash. Last night I was finally able to sit without discomfort, and once my thighs heal a little more I'll be able to go walking again. I'm trying to do what exercises I can that are not irritating to the healing process.

As for my spirit...well, you know I am all about positive thinking. I've had my times when I've been depressed, and I am giving it to God and staying positive. The down moments are what brings us around to our triumphs...with God we will get there. I had a Facebook friend tell me yesterday that he really hopes things come around for me, because all of my friends like me better when I'm positive. Now I always post things that are going on with me...even if it's something that is not pleasant I still keep my chin up about it. I guess maybe he can't handle when something imperfect happens in someone's life. For about 3 days I only popped in on Facebook to let people know why I wasn't on much so they wouldn't worry, and to keep up with news about Sharon's condition. I'm on medication that makes me sleepy and couldn't even sit at the computer; I had to stand to type. I never said any "woe is me" kind of stuff, just the facts of why I wasn't on much. Then Sharon was in the hospital, very ill, and I asked my friends to pray for her. After I reported on Tuesday evening that she had passed away...I received that comment from my friend. I don't see anything wrong with being sad or upset over losing a good friend, or posting a tribute to her life. Something would be very wrong with me if I didn't grieve over such a wonderful person leaving us so soon. This person knows that I lift my friends up when they are down, and they are there to do the same for me when I'm having a rough day. Luckily all of my other friends understand this, but I had to address this comment because staying positive does not mean being blind to the things going on in your life that are not going the way you want them means dealing with them and pressing on, knowing things will get better. It means adapting when you have to, but never giving up.

That's what I am trying to show here: my life is not perfect, and nobody else's is either. Telling you about what I'm dealing with is important, because it shows how to deal with the things that come up in your life that you do not have control over. I have a bad day, or even more than one, but I pray, pick up and move on. I am going to mourn my friend while going on with life. We are all going to have our moments when we don't feel our best, we have to experience that, learn from it, and move forward. Obviously I've had to adapt my eating and exercising and adjust while I'm healing, but I am not giving up on weight loss or life...and neither should you!

I do want to thank the 99% of people who have helped me through their prayers and positive thoughts. We are all on earth to support each other, and I appreciate yours so much. I also want to thank that 1% as well, because I got to share this with all of you because of that comment, and maybe it will help someone else. Helping each other is what it's all about! xoxoxo

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Mary Lou said...

You hit the nail right on the head! I know I have often commented on your positive attitude and how I admire that! You are so right when you said it is only human to grieve and be down when bad things happen in our lives that we have no control over! I know for me, sometimes I let the negative feelings overcome me and I dwell in this dark cloud until it eventually passes over. I hate when I feel that way, but I feel powerless to control it. I do think it helps me better appreciate the good times, though. Keep up the good work and PA (positive attitude)! And thank you for your inspirational posts!

Mary Lou