Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nutty But Wonderful Day!

This day has been utterly non-stop. Of course, it didn't help that I was up until 3 AM in the first place! I watched and reviewed a great show on Oxygen called Dance Your A** Off. After I sent off my review I was so pumped that I couldn't sleep! After finally falling asleep, I got up at Noon!

This set me into superwoman mode for the day. Laundry needed to be done, along with several writing projects that are going on at the same time. I meant to get on the treadmill at about 3:30, but first had to finish up a couple of things on here. dad called, so I spent some time talking to him and finally made it on the treadmill at 5 PM. This was not negotiable...I NEEDED to get my exercise in!

I went at 2.8 mph for my walk, but I also was brave enough to do something that I had never done up until now. I walked the entire time without holding onto the sides of the treadmill! I always think of Jillian yelling at people not to hold on, and I've done it for a couple of minutes here and there, but this was the first time I did it all the way through...37 minutes straight. Also, I usually walked at 2.5 while holding I went faster and pumped my arms at the same time! I know Jillian would be proud, while at the same time she'd bump up my speed. That's OK, I consider this a personal victory.

Now I'm showered and ready for my next about 45 minutes I'm recapping So You Think You Can Dance. This is the thing: I'm loving every minute of this crazy day. It's so wonderful to be doing something you love and also taking care of your body. I feel like I'm really living life...and it feels awesome!

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Mesha said...

I ALWAYS hold the sides too, this is a problem for me. I actually am incredibly clumsy and my fear is falling on my face. haha. That's good that you are increasing your work out. We have to avoid allowing our bodies to get comfortable at a certain pace and then plateau in our exercise. I started around the same speed as you in Feb and I now can go up to 4.0-4.2ish. (in 30 sec-60 sec increments). I typically start at 3.2 for 5 min (warm-up) and then I raise the speed by .1 and the incline by .5 every minute until I reach 20 minutes. If I'm not dead by then, I continue the workout in reverse going down .5 incline and .1 speed every minute. It's brutal, but the feeling you get afterwards is highly rewarding. Keep up the good work girl.