Saturday, June 13, 2009

Smart Celebrating

Today we finally had the chance to celebrate our anniversary. I was determined not to ruin all of the hard work I've been doing, and we needed to keep it budget-friendly, so our family went to Applebee's. We actually haven't been there in quite a while, so it turned out to be a nice treat.

Ordering something that is healthy is easier at Applebee's, especially since they have their Weight Watchers menu items. I don't count points, but at least I know I'm not falling into a huge fat and calorie trap when I order one of these items. I've had a few of the entrees before, but I wanted to try something I haven't had yet. I decided on the Garlic Herb Chicken, which comes with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables. It was really delicious, and I did not feel like I was being deprived while dining out. I also have to say here...I had diet soda as a treat with my meal, since I haven't had any in several days. It did not taste as good as I thought it would; water would actually have hit the spot more. I know better for next time, and it's great that I'm starting to actually prefer water over soda. (or as we Midwesterners say...pop!)

We did decide to splurge on dessert, but my husband, son and I split one dessert. We had the Triple Chocolate Meltdown, which is very decadent. I was quite satisfied with only one third of the dessert, and this way I treated myself without going overboard.

After dinner, we took a long drive along Lake Erie, enjoying the breeze and the beauty around us. It was just what I needed after the tough times during this past week. We took a walk around the neighborhood when we got home, and now it's time to relax. I feel a lot less stressed, since I didn't stuff myself and we did other things to have fun other than eat.

This summer I challenge all of you to concentrate more on the fun activities of the season, rather than the food. I bet we will all enjoy our summer more...and be healthier by autumn!


Mesha said...

you are from the midwest? I'm from Kansas. Johnson County to be more informative. :) Great choice for a great dinner. I eat their Fiesta Lime Tilapia when I go to Applebees and I LOVE IT! I'm not currently on WW, however, I was on it prior to my competitions and I love their program.

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