Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Biggest Loser 13 - Red Makes Aqua Blue

I sure hope there's a lot of footage of a kinder, gentler Conda that we're not getting to see.

Otherwise, it's hard to find anything to like about her. And I can usually find the good in just about anybody, except maybe dictators and serial killers.

Now, I'm not comparing Conda to that group of people...that would be unfair. Of course, unfair is the way she treats most of the people around her. I would love to find out what in her life has made her act so juvenile and hardened her heart so much. (Guess my one semester of psychology just isn't enough to figure it out.)

This week was the much anticipated return of the Aqua Team, sister Daphne and brother Adrian. They needed to lose 50 pounds between them in order to come back to the ranch. They lost 60 - not only are they back but they received immunity for this first week back. They were immediately informed that they would be separated and had to choose their trainers. I thought it was wrong of the other players who complained about the way they chose...after all, they all had at least some time to deliberate and reach their decisions. Aqua had to decide on the spot, and since they both wanted Bob they had to figure it out fast. Rock, paper, scissors it was. Hey, what would you have done in their place?

Adrian went with Dolvett and Daphne went with Bob. Neither the Red nor Black teams were too happy about this surprise, but for the most part Black made Daphne feel at least somewhat welcome. Adrian didn't fare so well with the Red Team, especially since Conda decided to run her mouth once again. She told anyone who would listen that Adrian was bragging and looked down on the rest of them. Somehow she got Kim to take her side (what was with that?) and the claws came out from both of them. I don't believe a single thing that she claims Adrian said - we all know that drama queens love to exaggerate and make things up to keep the attention on them. They claim that everything is someone else's fault, never their own.

The Red Team grilled Adrian when he first joined them about what he did at home. But then they complained that he went around saying how much he did by himself. Now come on - you guys ASKED him what he did...he only answered your questions honestly. I realize that everyone felt threatened by Aqua coming back into the game, but see how things play out before you accuse them of something (and then say that they're lying when it's actually the person making the accusations who is lying). It was unfair and uncalled for. Kudos to Nancy for asking if they were all in 8th grade. It sure seemed like junior high school to me as well! Plus members of the team said that Adrian would have to prove that he wanted to be part of the team, open up to them and try to connect. Hello? How can he try to connect when you close yourselves off from him and don't even give him a chance?

If they had bothered to listen, like Dolvett did, they would have found out that Adrian's had a problem with food ever since his daughter was born prematurely and died soon after. It was heartbreaking to see him holding the baby for the one and only time he could. Eventually he started walking a lot to work things out and lost some weight before he even got to Biggest Loser. This is one reason why the Red Team shouldn't judge him before they know anything about him. Dolvett tried to get everyone to talk it out, but it didn't help as much as he would have liked. I loved when Adrian said all was forgiven but not forgotten. I understand completely - you certainly can forgive, but still have to watch your back with something like this. Just because you forgive doesn't mean that the person you forgave has the right to continue to abuse you or walk all over you. Smart man!

The Black Team had their own issue with Chris. Bob got them to talk it out a little, but then Chris decided to have her own conversation with the guys on her team. She "killed them with kindness", so to speak - telling them what she admires about them while they sat there perplexed. I'm so glad to see her start breaking down those walls she had built around her. Hopefully she stays around for a long time so she can tear them down even more!

Red won the challenge, so they got to choose one person from each team whose weight would not count on the scale for their teams. They picked Megan for Black and Nancy for Red. Megan pulled a big number while most of her team pulled small ones. Most of the Red Team had small losses too.

Adrian only lost 2 pounds while Daphne lost 1. I do believe they were right about adjusting to a different way of eating on the ranch. They were probably doing everything they could at home to lose that 50 pounds, and I'm sure they cut too many carbs that had to be re-introduced into their diets. I also think that all of the stress of coming back and being treated like the enemy didn't help. Stress is definitely a factor in weight gain or minimal losses. There was so much pressure on them that I'm sure it played a part.

What I didn't like was Adrian being accused of playing the game with the scale. Do these people really think that the 2 of them would purposely lose so little, even with immunity, when they knew that everyone was waiting for them to prove themselves? They knew small numbers would make them targets next week. What a stupid accusation - back to 8th grade again. Geez. And the rest of them lost small amounts as well...so what were THEIR excuses???

I had hoped that after last week's "breakthrough" with Dolvett, Conda would do better, at least on the scale, this week. She only lost 2 pounds - proof that running your mouth does not burn very many calories. Next week's preview looks like more of the same from her. God bless Dolvett.

Red lost the weigh-in and voted Nancy off. I actually cried to see her go. She may not have pulled big numbers, but she was making progress. And she was the voice of reason on the Red Team amid all of the juvenile hate. I loved seeing her at home doing well and trying to remember all of her grandchildren's names. Look for her to be a HOT G-Ma at the finale!

Next week we have more drama from Conda (seriously, ENOUGH already) and we see if Aqua can adjust to the ranch and pull bigger numbers on the scale. I for one hope they do. They seem like people who are there for the right reasons. I wish I could say that about all of the contestants.

And I'm praying that NBC learns that we'd rather see people transform their lives than witness so much drama. If we wanted nastiness we would watch the Real Housewives of Wherever. We love Biggest Loser for its positive health qualities, both physical and mental. If this keeps turning into the Housewives you will lose us. Please - less drama, more breakthroughs!

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