Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Biggest Loser 13 Challenge - Second Week Success!

Tonight is the 3rd episode of Biggest Loser Season 13, which means our 2nd week weigh-in results.

You know I've had a trying week (still having car issues, so please say a prayer) with working around not having transportation for some of the events and workouts and needing to work around that. Being that this is the season of NO EXCUSES and my year of ACTION, I was not about to let those kinds of things stop me anymore.

Well, this morning's results made me very happy. I lost 1.4 pounds in a week that in the past would have sent me straight to the refrigerator and the couch. I got a lot of writing and editing done, still exercised everyday, and kept away from the stress eating. So far for the #BL13Challenge I've lost 3.4 pounds.

Whenever you have a stressful day - or week - understand that it's OK to admit that you wish things were different. Then find a way to MAKE things better. Acknowledge your frustration, but then go work it out or brainstorm ways to improve your situation. Channel your pisstivity...as Dolvett would say!

How did you do this week? Drop me a line here or on Twitter at #BL13Challenge!!!

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