Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Biggest Loser Season 13 Premiere!

Happy 2012 - and welcome to the Season 13 Premiere of Biggest Loser!

If you saw the previews at the end of last season or during the holidays, you already know there are some twists to start out the season. Of course, Biggest Loser saved a couple of surprises for tonight as well. And I already like the vibe I'm getting from this group of players.

We met the contestants and began with a challenge right off the bat. The first four couples to finish a sprint were guaranteed the opportunity to go through the gates and train with Bob and Dolvett. One player mentioned that they looked like the Pearly Gates....but I have to correct him. The Biggest Loser Gates are the ones you go through to lose weight and regain your health. The Pearly Gates are where you go if you don't get your health back.

After this part of the challenge, the remaining teams competed in other events until it was down to Pink and Aqua. One of them would also make it on campus. The team that lost the final event would have to go home. (I'm really happy that Pink made it - I'm rooting for these strong ladies to get their health and lives back!)

Aqua finished last and had to leave - but unbeknownst to the others who went inside, Alison informed them that they would go home for one month, and if they lost 50 pounds as a team they could earn their way on campus. I felt bad for them, but can't wait to see what happens in a month when they surprise the other teams and we see how they did at home.

The nine teams on campus met Bob and Dolvett. Bob took a cue from Jillian and arrived on his motorcycle, proving that however much the producers would like everyone to forget about Jill she is always present in some form. Ali told the teams they would have two hours to work out with both trainers; then they would decide which trainer they would like to have after that.

Some people bonded with Bob, others with Dolvett. Some players held fast to the tradition of throwing up, falling down, and passing out during the first workout - with some truly scary moments as Ben couldn't even remember his own name and had to sit out for a while.

When the two hours were up, Ali announced that they would definitely choose their trainers...except the couples were being split up, with one of each pair going with Dolvett and the other with Bob. It did not sit well with any of them, although they did mention they were thankful to all still be on campus and none of them were going home instead, which has happened in previous seasons. I wonder if Dolvett blushed at all when several ladies mention him being "a fox and a half". (Of course this is true, but still...) Some decided to go with Bob because he's the "nice" one. Have they been paying attention at all in previous seasons? They're in for a rude awakening when they find out just how tough he can be!

Once the teams were decided everyone got to work. They also had their obligatory visit with Dr. H to find out just how bad their health was. The fun part comes later in the season, when the doctor gets to tell everyone how much their numbers have improved. During the last chance workout, it seemed like Bob's team was working hard while Dolvett's struggled. But as we all know, appearances can be deceiving, especially when a reality show is edited.

At the weigh-in, both teams lost 103 pounds. The Red Team, however had the higher percentage of weight loss. Dolvett was beyond excited to beat the Black Team in the first week, while Bob vowed that this would only motivate his team. (Can you imagine a boxing match between Bob and Dolvett? That's one fight I'd pay to watch!) The Red Team was safe, and the Black Team had to send someone home.

Before the vote, Ben spoke to his team and said he wanted to go home. Most of them seemed to be thinking of sending Megan home, since she is a smaller player and lost the least amount. Ben said that he really missed his family and learned enough in that one week to do the work at home. I was really shocked that eveyone decided to honor his wishes, because the team could really use the big numbers he was bound to pull in the upcoming weeks. When we checked in on him at home he'd lost 50 pounds so far, so he's doing all right. But I have a feeling Bob will not be happy on next week's episode!

Speaking of next week, the preview shows a poker challenge and two very upset trainers. Things are about to get even more interesting, and I'm looking forward to it. How about you?

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