Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biggest Loser 13 - Big Gambles and Out Of Character Hissy Fits

If you thought there was a lot of drama last season...

Welcome to The Real Housewives of the Biggest Loser Ranch. Or what certainly feels a lot like it.

Let me start off by saying that I love the testosterone fest going on between Bob and Dolvett. It brings a whole new dynamic that makes for some exciting moments. I fully expected there to be some alpha male stuff this season with no female trainers in sight. (And I'll bet after tonight's episode Anna Kournikova is extremely happy that she's nowhere near the ranch anymore.) It would be boring if there weren't any competition at all between the trainers, and it's only human nature.

But tonight went over the line into grade school antics...from Bob, of all people. Bob's supposed to be the one who has always been about the good of everyone there. I love me some Bob - that's why it's so surprising to witness this hissy fit. He made it sound like Dolvett is only copying him and not making his own mark with the contestants. What's next, complaining that Dolvett is letting his peeps use the spin bikes or treadmills because Bob uses them?

Why would Bob do something so out of character? Well, we all have our moments when we have a bad day and say something that would never normally come from us. Or we meant it in a joking manner but it didn't come out that way and was taken seriously. What's worse for someone like Bob (or Dolvett, or Ali...) is that it's all being filmed. So the world gets to see a very human moment and judge as they will.

The other part of reality TV is - everything is edited for maximum drama. I'm sure there were plenty of positive things going on with Bob and everyone else involved. But the producers decided to focus mostly on the bad ones.

Like I said, I've always loved Bob and still do. I'm really disappointed that he threw a juvenile tantrum that was uncalled for, but I can't judge him since we all do it once in a while. If I want to be forgiven for an out of character slip-up, I certainly need to forgive Bob for his own. This is not something that he normally does...if he were constantly being nasty to everyone and not doing any good, that would be a different story. And if for some reason this was the editing department's doing and not his...if I were him, I'd be ticked off at being portrayed like that. The producers need to know that this will only turn off most viewers...who prefer only a little bit of drama and would rather see the breakthroughs and transformations of the contestants. That's what we mostly saw in past seasons and why people love this show. That's what Biggest Loser is really all about. Or SHOULD be. (Now I miss Season 11 even more!)

The initial poker challenge was interesting, especially since Week 2 is notorious for low numbers on the scale. The Red Team took a big gamble trying to lose 94 pounds for the week. And if they hadn't lost the bet, they wouldn't have had to give the Black Team a 5 pound advantage...and would have won their second weigh-in.

When it came time for the Red Team to eliminate someone, there was plenty of fighting among the players, most of whom voted to send Mike home since he wasn't trying his best and rude to some of the contestants. I have to admit, I got the same bad vibe from him - but when he finally admitted his weakness with tobacco and anger issues, I felt for him. (Also, I have to remember that we don't get to see every moment on the show, and don't know everything that Mike did or didn't do. There's more to him than a few choice TV clips.) Even though he couldn't bring himself to say it at first, it took a lot of guts to tell everyone that he realizes he needs help in many areas of his life. I'm pulling for him to overcome his issues, as it was plain to see that they really bother him and he used them to cover a lot of pain in his life. It goes to show that it's hard to judge another person when you don't know what their life has been like and what their struggles are. It doesn't mean you condone the way they act - but you can put it in perspective and try to support them as much as possible. (Without putting yourself in danger, of course.)

The bright moments of the week (yes, there were some!) were Chism's big weight loss, and Chris being able to give immunity to her husband Roy by having the highest percentage of weight loss on the winning team. He worked so hard so he could save her...but she wound up saving him, which was a sweet moment, and the only time I needed Kleenex this week. I also enjoyed nutritionist Rachel's trip to the grocery store with the contestants, in which I learned a couple of new things and discovered a recipe for a turkey breakfast burrito that I have to make!

Next week promises more drama, with contestants fighting and possibly clawing each other's eyes out. Seriously...can we just watch Season 11 all over again? Please? Or at least go back to the balance of some drama with a lot of motivation and transformation - which is what Biggest Loser was built on and what makes it special. There are already plenty of reality shows with catfights, and I'd watch those if that's what I wanted to see. Please bring back the positive Biggest Loser!

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