Monday, April 12, 2010

Motivational Monday...I'm So Excited!!!

This past week has really been crazy. As you may know, I spent the first half of the week sick and unable to exercise. I also didn't feel like eating much, but staying in bed and laying on the couch feeling miserable meant I probably wasn't even burning off the little bit of food I did eat.
By Wednesday evening, I felt well enough to start walking again...I took it easy those first couple of days back, so I wouldn't wear myself out too much. Then I stepped it up. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I really went all out. I really pushed myself on the treadmill, and started swinging around that kettlebell. I feel so much stronger from stepping up my game.
The other plus is that all of my hard work paid off on the scale this week. This morning I discovered that I lost 2.4 pounds, putting me at 183.8 now. The 170's are not that far away...and I can't wait to see them!
This week I urge you to check out I don't follow their program exactly, but I do use many of their recipes and tips in my own journey. And you can't help but be inspired by Jennifer Hudson. Have you seen her yet? She is the new Weight Watchers spokeperson...and she looks amazing! She is at the thinnest she's ever been in her adult life, and now she can keep up with her son, who will turn 1 in August. Soon he will be walking and running around, and she'll have plenty of energy to play with him.
I'm keeping a current picture of Jennifer up on my refrigerator for extra motivation. Coupled with my great week on the scale...look out world, here I come!!!

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Melissa said...

Way to go on the 2.4lb loss! Keep up the good work!