Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Biggest Loser: I'm Worth It!!!

It was really great to see Danny Cahill back on The Biggest Loser last night! He was there to help money expert Suze Orman talk to the remaining players about financial health. Both of them agree that fiscal wellness and fitness go hand in hand. It was a big wake up call to some of the contestants. It was also something that I really paid attention to, since my husband is still job hunting...we have to really concentrate on both our health and finances and make the right moves.
Danny was also there to motivate everyone in the gym. He still looks awesome, and he talked to everyone about believing in themselves and really going for the title of Biggest Loser. Andrea really got a lot out of her conversation with Danny, realizing that she really is worthy of the top this game and in life. An epiphany also happened for Victoria, when Jillian kept questioning her about why she got to 380 pounds in the first place and why she was there. It took a while for Victoria to open her mind and really think about it, but finally she told Jillian that she always felt that she wasn't good enough and didn't deserve great things to happen to her. She also felt that she was so far behind everyone else at the ranch, because she had only been there for a short time so far. Jillian helped her realize that she is as beautiful and worthy of greatness as everyone else is...and she needs to go for it!
I can definitely say that these moments really hit me, because I've had those kinds of feelings myself. I've thought I wasn't good enough, or beautiful enough, or worth the extra time and effort to take better care of myself. I still struggle with those feelings from time to time, but I've come a long way in knowing that God made me a good person, who is beautiful and worthy. I do deserve to take care of myself, and achieve great things...just like we all do. Knowing this helps me persevere, even when there are tough days. I will get there...and I am worth it!!!

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