Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Biggest Loser...Potential for Greatness!!!

This week's Biggest Loser was extremely emotional. O'Neal fell during the challenge and had to be taken to the hospital. He re-injured his knee, and it made working out that much harder for him. He had it wrapped to keep it immobilized, and continued exercising to the best of his ability. Then...he got a phone call telling him that his older brother had passed away. He felt really awful that he wasn't able to say goodbye to his brother, and Bob talked to him so he could continue on. Jillian took him to work out, and he wound up kicking the machines in anger and frustration over his brother. Jillian took him out for a walk, supporting him because of his knee. He finally broke down and said all of the things he wished he could have said to his brother. Bob and Jillian were both very proud of O'Neal, because in the past he would have eaten his way through the pain, and now he was working through it in the gym.

Other players had breakthroughs as well. Daris realized that he used to always be the quiet person who just sat back and watched life go he's stepped up to be a leader. Ashley had some rough moments early in the week because Andrea had gone home. She now felt like she was all alone on campus, and it really got to her. Bob talked her through it, and told her to acknowledge how far she had come, and realize how strong she was now. Victoria wound up going home, but she sure showed everyone what she's made of. She and her mom Cherita look fabulous!

Bob said something to Ashley that resonates with me...he told her that when you are tested in your life, it means you have the potential for greatness. I wrote that down the minute he said it, but it's permanently etched in my mind. I've felt alone at times like Ashley, and I've eaten my way through grief, especially when my mom passed away years ago. I was also like Daris...the quiet one who never wanted to make waves and sat by watching things happen for other people. I have been tested in more ways than I can count, but I know that the potential for greatness lies within me. God put it there, and he's using my trials to make me stronger and more courageous in my life. I can feel this at work in everyday, and it keeps me going during those rough times we all have to go through.

We are like diamonds...God is doing the cutting and polishing, so we can shine brightly!

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