Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Biggest Loser: Determination To The Max, and Never Giving Up!

This week's Biggest Loser had an unusual twist...everyone was given the chance to be the first one to lose 2% of his or her body weight to win immunity for the week. Whenever someone felt ready to weigh in early and claim that prize, they had to press a red button to sound the alarm and give them access to the scale. Some of the players were determined to be the one, and worked extra hard to get there. Sam, Koli, and Melissa all got up in the middle of the night to work out in the gym in order to reach their goals.
Victoria was the first person to press the button, but she did not reach her 2% goal. Sam was the next one to go for it, and not only did he reach his goal...he surpassed it! He needed to lose 6 pounds for the immunity, but found that he had lost 10 pounds, and it was only part way through the week. He got immunity, which was extra sweet after being below the yellow line the week before.
When the rest of the players got to the regular weigh in, there were a few surprises as some of the contestants registered small losses for the week. They all knew they worked just as hard as they always do, and in some cases even harder than before. Andrea was especially despondent, wondering aloud why she was even bothering to try when she only saw a 2 pound loss. Jillian and Bob told her that they would not allow her to get into that frame of mind...she should be thinking about how far she has already come, and that some weeks are just like that. You never, ever give up!
Melissa also had trouble with the scale, even after all of her extra gym sessions. She wound up being sent home, but took away all of the positive things she learned on the ranch. Her marriage and family were stronger now, and she lost a lot of weight...and is continuing to lose more at home. She ran a half marathon for her 40th birthday, and she looks fabulous. One bad week does not define a person; it's what you do after a bad week that makes you who you are.
I know we can all learn a lot from this. I myself have had some weeks that have been a struggle, but I have to look at how far I've come on my journey so far. I'm down over 30 pounds, which is a great accomplishment. I'm becoming healthier through all of the struggles, and will continue to get stronger as I go. I'm starting to feel a little better after being sick earlier in the week, and I'm determined to do everything I can the rest of this week to make up for it. No giving up for me...I will reach my goals and there is no stopping me!

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