Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Biggest Loser...5K Pay It Forward!

Last night's episode of Biggest Loser was especially emotional for me. Now, you all know that I cry every week at some point during the show, but this time I cried for almost the entire two hours. So many people are all in the same boat...unhealthy, overweight or obese, and in need of a boost to change their lifestyles for the better. A report from Men's Health magazine stated that 5 of the fattest cities in America are in Texas, so the seven remaining contestants flew there to motivate and inspire as many people as they could.
Each player led a team, filled with out of shape Texans, on a 5K through Dallas, ending at the Cotton Bowl stadium. Michelle Aguilar and Tracey Yukich were also on hand to fire up the race participants, and show them that they are proof that it can be done. Everyone involved was so moved by the experience, glad for the chance to pay forward what they learned on the ranch to help others get healthy and reach their goals.
Let's face it...there is an overwhelming amount of obesity in this country, not just in Texas. Not everyone who needs to lose a significant amount of weight will get a chance to be on Biggest Loser. We all need to be educated about weight and health so we can make changes, and not just wait around for a spot on the show. The longer you wait to start getting healthy, the more likely you will develop more problems and lower your quality of life. Don't wait around...start now!!!
It was awesome to see Sunshine go back and walk with O'Neal's group after her group had finished the race. Michael went back to help CJ finish the race...her daughter Maresa stayed alongside her as well, and she was determined to finish. Everyone cheered as she crossed that finish line, and of course I cried my eyes out. Bob went to a 24 Hour Fitness to work out others, and get them started on a healthy path. Jillian went to a high school with Abby Rike, and spoke to the students. One girl stood up to ask a question, and my heart broke for her. I was her back in the day...not quite as heavy as she was, but still significantly overweight in high school. I remember well the ridicule, and going home so upset that I just ate more. She told Jillian that her family did not support fact they told her she would never be thin or live any of her dreams. What an awful way to go through your teenage years, with your family putting you down and dismissing your dreams all the time! Jillian spoke with this girl after the assembly, and I was so impressed. I pray for this girl, that she can raise herself above her bad environment and live the life she wants. We all need someone to speak that encouragement into our lives, and in turn we can do that for others...there is nothing better in life than to raise another person up.
When O'Neal was sent home, more tears came. Not only did he lose a lot of weight, but he had a positive impact on each and every one of the contestants at the ranch. That is the kind of person I want to be...the one who not only improves my own life, but causes others to become better people as well. Well done, O'Neal...I aspire to be like you!


Faith Imagined said...

I have heard so much good things about the show though I have never watched it. I live in South Texas and diabetes is a big problem here with our folks. I pray that you bless and inspire everyone you come in contact with!!!!

WriterMarie said...

Thank you...from your lips to God's ears! :o)