Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now For The Positive - Biggest Loser Favorites & A Special Call Out!

I promised yesterday that after we were done with our Rulon-induced migraines I would post about the OTHER happenings of Tuesday night's episode. These are much more fun to write about!!!

This week was also Favorites Week, so three of the most inspiring former contestants stopped by to help our friends in Season 11. Ali Vincent, Sam Poueu, and Tara Costa were on hand to give food tips and bust everyone's butts in the gym. It gave me a thought - since Jillian is leaving at the end of this season, why not hire a former contestant who is still living the healthy lifestyle and can put the new contestants through the paces just like they went through? Obviously they should get certified if they aren't already, but they would certainly be able to relate to life on the ranch. THe ones that were there this week did an amazing job. Just a thought...hope you're listening, NBC!

This week a favorite challenge was also brought back. I'm sure you remember the car pulling challenge of Tara's season, so the Season 11 Seven and Tara did it again! Tara and Rulon had a photo finish close enough to rival the Kentucky Derby, but Tara pulled it out by a nose. (Now THAT's what I call horsepower...who needs engines or ponies!) Tara proved that she is still a force to be reckoned with a few seasons later, and she won a donation to her charity, the Inspire Change Foundation. If you loved the T-shirt Tara was wearing on the show, you can order one at the Marika Fitness site...part of the proceeds goes to Inspire Change. Currently sizes go up to XL, but ICF is looking for someone to do larger sizes as well. Let's help kids get and stay fit!

Speaking of inspiring change, you may remember that Justin from this season began his own mission once he got home from the ranch. You can now order his "Justin's Call Out" T-shirts, which start at size Medium and go up to 4XL. Checks, money orders, and Paypal are accepted...and there are also tank tops available for summer. The T-shirts are $15 plus $2 for shipping. Please contact Justin's lovely wife Julie at to order or get additional information.

So let's really inspire ourselves, our families and friends, and in our communities. Fitness rules!!!

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