Monday, April 18, 2011

My Zumba Initiation!

Zumba is another thing I've been wanting to try for a while now, but kept putting off. When my friend Kristen invited me to a Zumba party at her gym, I jumped at the chance. There's no better way to learn something new than with a friend, especially one who's been raving about her Zumba classes!

The party was this past hour and a half of pure Zumba. Regular classes are only an hour, so it was longer than Kristen was used to herself. For me, it was trial by fire. Of course I've been working out, but Zumba is high intensity and uses all muscles groups. I wondered if I would be able to keep up and get the choreography quickly, but I was game to find out.

I quickly discovered that I love Zumba!!! I did pick up quite a bit of the choreography right away, and was able to wing it during the parts that were harder to grasp immediately. I noticed that a few of the others in the class were doing the same as me...and I was told that each week you pick up more and get better as you go. I loved the moves and the music was infectious. Kristen warned me that the music would be stuck in my head the rest of the day, and boy was she ever right. Since I dream of doing the Cha Cha and the Samba, the music in my head was very welcome indeed. We all made it through the 90 minutes - feeling exhausted yet exhilarated. (And I was really glad I took Kristen's advice to bring plenty of water!)

Each time I try something new and conquer it, I feel my strength building...not only in my body, but mind and spirit as well. Everything begins to click into place even more than before, and I see how these things fit into the bigger picture. If there's something you've been wanting to try for a while but keep putting it NOW. You will be so happy you did!!!

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