Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Biggest Loser "Shocker" Thoughts - AKA Rulon, You Were Given The Right Color Shirt

Rulon Gardner...Yer Yella!

Yes, I realize this sounds like we're back in the Wild, Wild West slingin' guns. But there's something to be said for the fact that Rulon was given a yellow shirt to wear this season, given that this is the word many people have used to tell someone they are chicken.

Rulon has been chicken pretty much all season on Biggest Loser. Sure, he always talked a good game, but when it really mattered he didn't follow through. He ate whole bags of chips and other junk food, didn't support his fellow competitors, and used his Olympic title as license to do whatever he wanted to do. He thought that the same rules that all of the others had to follow didn't apply to him. As soon as his friend Justin went home (who, by the way, deserved a different color shirt because he is a fine, stand-up guy) all hell broke loose. Whatever respect he did have for anyone else went right out the window, because his buddy wasn't there to call him out. He was really lucky up to this point that he didn't fall below the line, because his fellow contestants would have been more than ready to boot his keyster out the door of the ranch, never to be seen again. At least one player from BL11 has spoken out about what a jerk Rulon was to all of them. Rulon himself said last night he was not there to make friends and only wanted to win. I can understand focusing on your goal, but there is so much he could have learned from the others, and they could have learned from him, if he only would have opened his mind and heart to the possibilities. I really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt when I could, but I just can't anymore. (Maybe he should join Charlie Sheen on the road for the Winning Tour...because at this point neither of them are really winning.)

It has also been reported from a variety of sources, including Diets in Review, that a contestant this season would be disqualified for violating Biggest Loser rules. Part of this report also mentioned that when this person left, very little would be revealed on the show and the real reason for leaving would not be told. Well, I and many others have come to the conclusion that this person is Rulon...especially the way last night's episode played out. I still think that the truth should be revealed...if for no other reason than for future contestants to benefit from the lesson and know what NOT to do on the ranch.

Now whether he was disqualified or really left on his own, it doesn't look good for Rulon. This post is not meant as a bashing, but as a wake-up call for Rulon. (Or, a major call-out like he needs from Justin!) You may be an Olympic champion, but a gold medal does not entitle you to treat other people like they're nothing. Take a cue from other former Olympians who do good in the world with the fame they've attained. Heck, take a cue from your buddy Justin who is paying it forward! You need to dig down deep - much deeper than what you told Bob and Jillian. There's more to the story than what you let on. Figure out why you are pushing people away, or you are going to wind up one very sad, lonely, unhealthy man.

Tomorrow I will post about the more positive aspects of last night's episode...but for now I can only pray that Rulon gets his wake-up call before it's too late.


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