Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Biggest Loser Adventures in New Zealand!

*Photo credit: NBC
I want to go to New Zealand! I don't know if I'm quite ready for the Sky Tower jump yet, but what a beautiful place to visit to get a new perspective on life. I loved how Hannah said making that jump was like jumping into her new life...sometimes you do just have to make that leap of faith!

I also loved seeing Bob and Jillian being human, showing that they do have fears like the rest of us and sometimes struggle with them. (So Bob fears heights more than aging...Ha!) It just makes it all the more motivating when they face those fears and overcome them. Bob & Ken's buddy system really worked for the jump, because neither one wanted to chicken out on the other. This is why teaming up in real life with a friend to do something will help you - not only will you keep your promise to them, but you will make good on the promise to yourself to get past your own fears.

The Kiwi 5K was amazing. Those sand dunes looked like a killer, but everyone made it through them. Another great metaphor for the weight loss process...sometimes you feel like you're sinking in sand while climbing a hill, but if you push through and keep going you will get where you need to go. I know I have my own personal "sand dunes" to conquer - how about you? We can defeat them as long as we persevere!

I mentioned last night during #BL11 live tweeting that I really need to take a yoga class with Bob. Two fellow tweeters, @biggestloserlvr and @mollymorganrd , let me know that Bob has some great yoga DVD's that I should try. I went out this morning to Target (French pronunciation, please! Makes me feel worldly...) and picked up his Yoga for the Warrior DVD, which was the most recommended. I also got Jillian's 30 Day Shred while I was there, and I will let you know how it goes.

And I definitely want to go to New Zealand. Hopefully I win the contest that @PureNewZealand is holding right now for two free flights to NZ. If not me, then I hope you win...go check it out! Here's to a Warrior Week for all of us!

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