Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Biggest Loser New Zealand Part Two - Unlimited Breakthroughs

I HAD to use Unlimited in the title of my blog today. Not only because it is Jillian's new book and making such a big difference in my life, but to honor her even though Biggest Loser is supposedly weaning us off of her in preparation for next season. I know I speak for myself and many of my friends on Facebook and Twitter...we have all stated that we'd rather see as much of Jill now as we can before the season is over. Limiting her screen time is NOT going to help; it does just the opposite. I hope this is corrected for the rest of the season, out of respect for Jillian and all of her fans.

Now on a much more positive note, during last night's episode the contestants continued to face their fears and do things they never would have imagined themselves doing before. Swinging over canyons, bungee jumping, rock climbing and river boarding...all were conquered in beautiful New Zealand. (I'm still saving up for a trip there!!!) I have to admit, if I were Rulon and was asked to bungee jump on the anniversary of his plane crash , I would have freaked out too. He finally made the jump, hopefully making the date a little easier for himself in the future. Never let the past hold you back!

I can completely relate to Hannah...getting stronger every day, yet still having those thoughts and fears about backsliding. She and Olivia had many people in their lives tell them they were going to fail on Biggest Loser. (nice support system, huh?) Both of the have proved all of their naysayers wrong several times over. I think working on ourselves is a continuing process throughout our lives, so when we feel like that we have to find a way to get past it, and keep moving forward. It's inspiring to see women going through the same things I am and defeating the negative thoughts.

I must say, this is the most inspiring season so far on Biggest Loser. I've never been able to relate to so many of the contestants so deeply, and I'm hearing from many of you that you feel the same. Please share your thoughts with me anytime...and let's conquer our demons together!

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