Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How Would You Like to Join The Biggest Loser Finale Challenge???

It's 3 weeks until the Biggest Loser Finale. We will get to see the transformations of all of the contestants (well, all but ONE) and be inspired. But what about us? Where will WE be 3 weeks from now?

My friend Jen @TheBLblog started this yesterday...The Biggest Loser Finale Challenge. Why not take these weeks and do something for ourselves, to get us closer to our own health and weight loss goals? This doesn't mean you will lose 30 pounds in 3 weeks, unless you jet out to the BL Resort until May 24th. Your goals can be anything health related - drinking more water, exercising every day or stepping up your routine, trying a new workout, cutting out the junk food, etc.

My personal goals are to tame the sugar monster and up my exercise game. Longtime readers of this blog know all too well of my sugar addiction. I went all day yesterday without sugar...once I read Jen's challenge. I did have a muffin for breakfast that was sprinkled with sugar, but that was before I knew about the challenge, so I'm doing good so far. I will continue with that today and add extra exercise to my day.

I also issued an extra challenge on Twitter to all Biggest Loser/health/fitness writers ( or as @BL11Austin called it, my Writers Throw Down!) to join with us and put our money where our keyboards are. (although no actual dollars will change hands) We should demonstrate that we practice what we preach/write about. We can all motivate each other - after all, we do spend a good amount of time sitting at our desks writing and need to get up and boogie!

You can post your goals on Twitter at #BL11FinaleChallenge , and keep posting your successes each day. Jen will be checking in to read them, and I will be as well from time to time - so she doesn't get overwhelmed and can also accomplish her challange goals! You can read Jen's original post here and while your there check out her other posts because they are awesome.

If you feel the need to attached a number to your goal, just make sure it's reasonable, like 2 - 3 pounds a week. Whatever you decide upon, just imagine how great you'll feel watching the finale knowing you accomplished some of your own goals. We can do this...let's go!!!


Mesha said...

Who is the one not appearing on the finale???

WriterMarie said...

That would be Rulon. Since he left the show he's not coming back for finale.

Kat said...

I didn't realize Rulon gave up his chance to the at home challenge too when he left. GOOD! I'm glad he won't be able to compete after that stunt.

WriterMarie said...

I am too. I wish him well and hope he turns his life around, but it wouldn't be right for him to win a BL prize!

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