Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Biggest Loser Makeovers - Cinderella Style!!!

Makeover time!!! Other than finale, this is usually everyone's favorite week. The contestants still on the ranch get the royal treatment...haircuts, visits from family members, and a chance to wear something spectacular and see themselves in clothes that are not purely for sweating and treadmill workouts.

Season 11 did not disappoint. Even though a couple of the makeovers were revealed a few days early in US Weekly, seeing them on the episode surpassed that...because the picture is only part of the story. Seeing the reactions of the families and the contestants themselves is even better!

It was great seeing Austin finally get his hair cut...still curly, but now you can see the handsome, happy face under the mane. His mom and Jay's son had reactions that made me cry uncontrollably, as you could feel the pride they had right through the TV screen. Jay looks at least 15 years younger now! Hannah's dad also got to me. She looked gorgeous in her mermaid gown; it was strange seeing her as a blonde but it looks great on her.

Two makeovers got to me the more than the others. Irene looked amazing and very much like a princess. She told Tim Gunn that she had forgotten how much she loved the princess stuff and dressing up. When she got heavy she dressed for comfort and stopped bothering, and now her sense of style has been reawakened. Since I've started losing weight, my love of fashion has come back and I always try to look my best. If you've been in the same rut, try some new makeup and flattering clothes or jewelry. It will do wonders for your self-confidence!

The makeover that REALLY got to me was Olivia's. She is an opera singer, but always had the sidekick roles because of her weight. She never got to be the ingenue - it was always a witch or some other non-lead role. Well, not only does she look great in her BL makeover gown, she can wear beautiful opera gowns and go for those lead roles! (And how great does her husband Ben look? He lost a lot of weight too!) I am a singer who always let my weight hold me back. I don't sing opera, but Broadway/pop/country...right now kareoke is my stage, but I'm ready to get out there and belt some tunes on a bigger stage! I bet there are other singers out there who can relate! Then Olivia hit her 100 pound goal on the scale and sang as promised. What a gorgeous voice! Everyone cried, including Bob. Even now I'm tearing up, thinking about Olivia finally getting the roles she deserves. She has inspired me more than she can ever know.

My other favorite moment came when Fairy Godfather Tim Gunn waved his magic wand and made the yellow line disappear. Nobody had to go home! Makeover Week is such a positive experience, and it was nice to end it on a high note. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to send the Fabulous Fast Five to the Royal Wedding...but then they might have upstaged the bride and groom!

What was your favorite part of Makeover Week? Who did you relate to the most? Please share your thoughts! :o)


benward said...

Great recap! Glad I could be a part of the great night :).

WriterMarie said...

Thank you Ben! I'm so happy for you guys!!! :o)