Tuesday, May 31, 2011


"Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse yourself." - Henry Ward Beecher

Since this blog was originally titled No More Excuses, I want to address the subject once again...for all of us. Yes, even I still find myself making an excuse from time to time. Things like: I didn't lose weight this week because my monthly gift is here", "it was a holiday", or "it's been a really busy week". I have to face it...these excuses are part of the reason the weight is coming off slower than I would like.

Getting past the excuses is essential to being fit and healthy. I'm asking God to help me with this, because it's an old habit that He will give me the strength to break. I also want to get past the excuses that other people make for me. It seems that sometimes people don't expect a lot of me, just because I'm still struggling with my weight and haven't reached my goal yet. Well, Olivia and Hannah proved all of their naysayers wrong when they expected a lot of themselves and came in 1st and 2nd on this season's Biggest Loser. As awful as it is to have people refuse to believe in you...it's just as much fun (or even better!) to do the things they said you would never be able to do and see the amazement on their faces.

As an example: this past weekend was extremely hot here in Cleveland. Our air conditioning is busted, and we are going to have to order a whole new unit because the parts aren't available anymore for the model the builders used in our house. We've had to rely on open windows and fans, plenty of ice cold water, and spending more time in the basement which is a few degrees cooler. And yes, my regular gift from Mother Nature is here. With all of that going on at the same time, I would have normally curled up in a ball and let myself feel miserable. But I didn't do that...I exercised in the basement, ate lighter foods, and turned my attitude around whenever I caught myself ready to complain. There are people who have things much worse - like those who've lost homes and loved ones in all of the recent tornadoes. I can suck it up and survive - maybe even THRIVE - if they can do the same in their circumstances. This is just another way that God is helping me find my strength.

I'll be looking through some old magazines for a certain ad...the one where Serena Williams serves a tennis ball right through her monthly gift. That is the attitude I want to keep every month, all month long. Excuses - you're outta here!!!


Laura Michelle said...

I saw that you hashtagged this post with the word faith. I totally agree that you need to have faith in yourself to learn to eat right and be fit! It's a long long road and only the patient and tenacious pull through...

WriterMarie said...

Thanks Laura! Faith is such an importan part of the equation, where all endeavors must start. :o)

Anonymous said...

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