Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Your Workout - At Your Current Size!!!

We all look forward to the day when we can go for a run or a bike ride at our goal weight. We imagine ourselves strong and healthy, turning heads and inspiring others to get fit. We know how proud we will be when we reach that milestone.

But I have a question for you. Why should we wait until then to be proud of ourselves? It doesn't do you any good to shut yourself indoors, relegating all workouts to the treadmill or exercise DVDs. When the weather is nice and you feel like walking through your neighborhood, playing tennis, or going for a swim, you have every right to do that - at whatever size you currently wear. Running outdoors is not only for perfectly fit people. (If it was, there would certainly be a small minority out there on the trails!) If you stay inside, you will get bored. If you get bored, you won't want to work out. And if you stop working out, you are right back to Square One.

You may be afraid of someone saying cruel things to or about you as you stroll by. There are some of those people out there, but don't let their small-mindedness stop you from achieving your goals and enjoying life. For every idiot that makes nasty remarks, there are two people who admire you as you show how you are taking control of your life and are happy to see others working on their health. As you become more fit, the jerks will be left speechless!

If you are worried about finding workout clothes in your current size, there are companies who make the items that fit your needs. Check out websites like Junonia and Swimsuits For All, who carry plus sized workout gear, sports bras, swimsuits, tennis clothing, and more. There is no reason to sit at home when clothing is available for maximum comfort and movement, and you can enjoy the same sports your fitter friends do!

One last note: You may be trying out for a show such as Biggest Loser or Dance Your Ass Off, but don't wait for that casting director to call you before you start your journey. Only a small percentage of people make it onto these shows, so you should get out there and start living life now. Why waste time sitting by the phone? Live every moment of your life starting right now!!!

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