Monday, May 9, 2011

Biggest Loser Finale Challenge - Mother's Day "Recovery"

Now that I have your attention with the hot pic of Bob Harper...think about what he would ask us right now - How did you do this weekend? Did you stick to your healthy eating and workouts over Mother's Day, or did you indulge a little too much?

For myself, I can vouch for the fact that I stayed pretty much on course, even with all of the temptations. Thankfully my husband and son knew not to get me candy. I still took walks and did a dance workout. We went to church and breakfast with my mother-in-law, and instead of my usual French Toast covered in butter and syrup I ordered a healthy breakfast sandwich with a side of fruit and drank my coffee black. We had dinner with my dad and stepmom later in the day...I ate small portions and didn't have seconds. They bought a French Silk pie for dessert (notice the French theme today? Ooh-la-la!) so I had a very small sliver. This way I had a taste without derailing my diet and all of the good I had done all day up to that point. What's funny is...after a few days without sugar, the tiny sliver of pie was enough. I don't need as much sugar to satify my sweet tooth now!

How about you? Did you choose your foods wisely? Did you still get plenty of exercise? Hopefully you did - but if you enjoyed too many treats yesterday you can still get back on track right now. We still have two weeks until the Season 11 Finale to make the right choices. Just think of Bob (shirtless or not) standing next to you...cheering you on all the way. And I'm cheering as well; don't worry, I'll still have my shirt on! We can do's to being healthier on May 24th!

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