Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biggest Loser Season 11 Finale - Purple Is The New Black, Pink Makes a Comeback

What a finale!!! So many wonderful little time. Congratulations to all of the contestants for changing their lives for the better and getting healthy.

We had the first ever all female Top 3, showing that Girl Power is alive and well. And a woman won the at home prize as well! Deni showed that Pink is still a force to be reckoned with as she beat out Austin for the $100,000. She and her daughter Sarah both looked amazing and happy. Arthur and Jesse danced their way into our hearts once again, and even twins Don and Dan looked fantastic. I think these brothers shocked a lot of people by coming back looking so fit after all of the drama on the ranch.

Speaking of drama...I did not miss Rulon one bit. He was the one bad apple that threatened to spoil the whole bunch. (Showing my age again...Osmond Brothers are singing in my head!) Thankfully the rest of the bunch more than made up for him. The finale story was focused on the inspiring, positive contestants -as it should be!

As Anna Kournikova was announced as the new trainer for Season 12, I wasn't exactly feeling it. The one time she appeared on the show was just OK, so I hope she steps it up for the new season. From what I'm hearing, it will be just Bob and Anna...Brett and Cara are supposedly not returning for BL12. Time will tell how this works out for the show.

With Olivia taking the Biggest Loser title and Hannah right behind her, I can definitely say Purple is the new Black. And I really mean it!!! Since the folks at NBC didn't do a tribute to Jillian for her 10 years on the show, they should retire the Black Team... just like an athlete's jersey for just about any sport. It would only be right, since a Black Team with someone other than Jillian would never be right. I must say though...I still don't know if Anna would do Purple justice. I think Hannah and Olivia would be better trainers! Maybe Anna's team should be the White Team, representing her coming from the tennis world. She's definitely used to white clothes already!

I can't wait to see what the future holds for Olivia. I had this feeling a few weeks into the season that she would be the winner, just like I did in Season 8 about Danny Cahill. Both of them had the faith and determination in their eyes that showed me a winner. No more witch or maid roles for Olivia! She is ready for primetime opera. She and her husband are both fit now, and ready for all that life has to offer. Let us all take Olivia's cue - and dig deeper so we can truly change our lives. She has shown us that IT IS POSSIBLE!


CarolAnne said...

Really enjoyed this blog entry. I think you've voiced the feelings of many re:
---no tribute for Jillian (?? what was THAT about?)
---reservations about Anna K (being a high-profile athlete does NOT a trainer make)
---NO ONE grieving the loss of Rulon (and grateful there was no mention of him at the finale
---and the magic of pink. This was a season of many "firsts"--and an all-girl finalist group and winners was definnitely a first, when early on it seemed like the bigger guys (an Arthur, a Justin or Rulon) would surely walk away with it all.

But God had other ideas (wink) and what a stunning outcome!

WriterMarie said...

Thank you CarolAnne! God does have other plans...and the Purple team's faith shines through. I feel like not only were the contestants blessed this season, but we were as well getting to witness their journeys! :o)

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