Sunday, April 29, 2012

Biggest Loser 13 Challenge - Final Results!

Since the Biggest Loser finale is on Tuesday, this is my final weigh-in for the challenge.  It may seem strange to weigh in today...but remember, the contestants always step on the actual doctor's scale Sunday before the finale anyway.  The numbers are recorded and programmed into the giant TV scale for Tuesday.  So technically, it's only fitting to make today the day!

Since my birthday was on Thursday, I did indulge a little...but I still made sure I got all of my workouts in.  I lost .6 pound this week.

But overall, I lost 17.4 pounds since the beginning of the challenge!  I'm really happy with that, especially after the stressful times in the past couple of months.  I didn't give up and lost as much as I could.  (And hey, the finale is two weeks earlier than I origially thought it would be...most likely because of the walk-off.)  I'm still proud of how far I've come.

I'm over 17 pounds lighter than I was in January - and that's an accomplishment!  How did you do?  Let me know so we can celebrate our successes together!

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