Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Biggest Loser 13 - Walking Away a Loser

What a depressing episode...and for the way this season has gone so far, that's really saying something.

I find something positive in just about every show, and I still did this week. But first let's talk about the sad display of sour grapes and poor sportsmanship shown by the remaining contestants, especially the two that actually left.

All five players threatened to walk off the show, and it was really difficult to watch. The worst part was why - a game twist that not only happens almost every season but was ACTUALLY WRITTEN INTO THE CONTRACT that each person had to sign when they agreed to be on Biggest Loser. Yes, having the eliminated contestants come back the last week on campus to compete for a spot in the finals was in the contract, so the disgruntled remaining players really had nothing to stand on. Not to mention that this is a regular occurance on the show, no matter what week they bring them back.

Bob and Dolvett tried to talk them out of it. Alison brought in the lawyer (with the contract) and tried to help as well. But it was no use. Kim, Conda and Jeremy did decide to stay after thinking over what they would be throwing away if they left. I'm glad some people actually got the sense knocked into them. In the end, Mark and Buddy still left. Nothing they said as to their reasoning made any sense to me, or to most people I talked to on Twitter. They acted like spoiled toddlers who didn't get their way.

Alison tried hard to plaster a smile on her face when she met with the remaining three to go over the week ahead, but you could tell that underneath it all she was really upset. She announced the prize for the week, a new SUV, would go to the person who had the highest percentage of weight loss. She also mentioned that there would be a red line and the person who fell below would automatically go home.

The first of two highlights came when the three players watched their journeys back with their trainers. They were all moved by how far they've come, and it was nice to see Conda say that she was embarrassed when she watched her past behavior. That shows that she's actually doing some growing up...something Buddy and Mark could stand to learn, even though they're older than her and should know better.

Everyone worked extra hard to stay above the line, and Kim really wanted that car. So it didn't surprise me that she came in first at the weigh-in. What did shock me was how much she lost...15 pounds! That motivates me to work extra hard for my goals as well. This, of course, was my second highlight of the show.

Jeremy fell below the red line and was eliminated, but it looks like he will get to compete with the other eliminated contestants for the final spot for the grand prize. It will be interesting to see who winds up in the finals with Kim and Conda. Could we have an all female finale again?

And let's hope this season finishes well in spite of the sad drama and craziness. I actually can't wait for the finale so the season will be over, and I've never felt like that about any season, ever. I still hold out hope that I will be inspired though, by the handful of players who were a joy to watch. There has to be something good to come out of this season!

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