Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Power of My Own Words - From God

Have you ever gone back through an old diary or journal...and found nuggets of wisdom among the words you had written during a different time of your life that fit your situation now?

I just took it up a notch from there. I found hope, comfort - and yes, wisdom - in my novel manuscript.

I'm in the process of making final revisions in this manuscript so it will be ready as I pursue a publisher. These revisions will be done within a couple of weeks, since I set a deadline of my birthday to have it finished. (My earlier deadline of March 1st was not met because of the job from you-know-where...stress and time constraints really did a number on me.) My gift to myself that day, and to God, is to finally have the book done that He called me to do and ready for where He wants it to go next.

One of my main hopes with this book is that it will touch and inspire other people who are going for their dreams in the midst of other life issues. I was not prepared to have my own words come back at me in the revision process and inspire ME. But they did...not just a phrase or two, but throughout the last few chapters consistently. The overwhelming sense of hope that comes over me as I read these words calms me, even on the roughest days. I can only pray that when my novel is published, it moves other readers the same way.

The other emotion coming over me as I read, revise, and write is joy. The writing process brings me happiness like nothing else I've ever known. This is what it feels like to find your true passion and purpose in life. I've learned that even when other issues arise, my writing keeps my centered and closer to God. When in doubt, WRITE!

I know the true source of my writing talent, and the words themselves, come directly from God. He has given me the ability and the love for words, and I am His instrument as I write them down.

It's just like Him to comfort and inspire me through my own words - that is, the words He sends through me in the first place. I thank Him from the depths of my soul for His amazing and perfect ways!

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