Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Biggest Loser 13 - Makeovers Part 1, AKA Taking a Swing at Life

I've been awaiting this episode for weeks.

And it's not just because I always love the makeovers. This time I actually wanted a contestant to get to Makeover Week solely because she needed one SO BADLY.

It's no secret to my Twitter friends that I couldn't wait to see Chris get rid of that gray hair that made her look at least twenty years older than she really is. I mean, come on...the woman is 42 years old and looked like she'd had her AARP card for years. I bet she always got the senior discount at restaurants too!

The makeovers began with Jeannie Mai styling the six remaining contestants with new clothes. Kim was really rocking that red dress - after Jeannie made her try on her old clothes first, the ones she wore for her audition. What a difference! Kim was happy to put them on because they were way too big now, but you could tell it still blew her mind to see where it had all started for her.

Jeannie told them all that she wanted them to look Presidential for the White House. Of course, with the hair Jeremy was sprouting on his chin he was already starting to channel Abraham Lincoln. I'm happy to report that he no longer looked like Abe when Ken Paves was done with him. And nobody else, thankfully, looked like a dead President either.

Everyone looked amazing. In past seasons there have been a couple of bad makeovers with either too much change or too little, but this time everyone got just what they needed. And what they needed included having their families see their new selves, which never fails to make me cry. Buddy likened his makeover, both inside and out, to finally taking a swing at life. I really like that analogy, because its true - you just have to get off the sidelines and get into the game. We should all be swinging for the bleachers...all the time.

And as for Chris? Her makeover did not disappoint. The gray is gone and she actually looks younger than 42 now. No more senior discounts without getting carded! She literally looks like a whole new woman, and I bet she feels like one too.

Next week is part two of the makeovers, as everyone works out with Michelle Obama and celebrates their new looks. Of course there's still some drama, and I hope Chris does not have to go home before her time. She's come such a long way that I'd like to see her enjoy it. I guess we'll find out next week what really happens!

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