Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Biggest Loser 13 - Makeovers Part 2, First Lady Fitness

Since we got to see the actual makeovers last week, you'd think this week would be anticlimactic.

And in a way, you would be right. After all, the best part of Makeover Week is the transformations. Once you see those there's usually not much else to the episode...but Biggest Loser found a way to give us some excitement anyway.

It was really great to watch everyone exercise with Michelle Obama, and especially fun to see how nervous Bob and Dolvett were to lead her in a workout. The one thing I really like about Mrs. Obama is her commitment to fitness and helping kids get and stay healthy. So the fact that she issued the contestants her own challenge was pretty cool. If you go to the Biggest Loser website you can sign up for this fitness challenge, and support your favorite remaining player by signing up under his or her name. Whoever gets the most sign-ups will receive a new gym in their community to help others get fit. I predict a lot of votes for Kim, and possibly Buddy or Mark. But who knows, we may be surprised!

Our dilemma for the week came from Chris. She talked to her husband at home, who was having a hard time without her and wanted her to come home. After she hung up, she literally ate away her feelings. There were all kinds of weird food combinations going on there - right in her room on the Biggest Loser campus. (How do you get that kind of junk up to your room there? Just saying.) Her mind was definitely not on the game, which Bob picked up on right away. He got her back in the right frame of mind so she wouldn't backslide into the old Chris anymore.

Have you ever done something like that? I know I have. I haven't eaten those kinds of foods mixed together...usually my binge of choice was something sweet and/or filled with chocolate, but I have gone the fast food route as well. It's important to stop that slide as soon as you can. Or as Bob said, if you're going to make a mistake like that you need to learn from it so the mistake was worthwhile. We all make those mistakes, but if we learn and do better next time then something good comes out of it. I know for me, realizing how crappy I feel after a sugar rush/crash/burn makes me choose a different, more productive way to deal with problems or stress. It's all a matter of perspective.

Unfortunately for Chris, she did enough damage during the week to cause a two pound gain. She fell below the yellow line with Kim. The rest of the players chose to save Kim, so Chris went home. It's good to see that she has continued to lose weight in her stressful home environment and is getting her whole family involved in fitness. So she did learn from her mistakes after all!

Next week looks like the drama we've all been waiting for - the episode where the remaining contestants walk off the show. I'm sick of drama this season, but curious to find out what exactly happened. With all of the stories floating around out there the last few weeks, maybe we'll learn the truth. Well, as close to the truth as reality show editing allows!

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