Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Biggest Loser 13 - Yes, The Finale Was Still Inspiring!

I wasn't sure about this finale.  For one thing, this is the first time ever that it was only an hour long.  That alone was disappointing.

Plus, we all know that some of the contestants were negative and irritating...more than any other season.  I didn't know if I would still be inspired watching them get on the giant scale.

Well, I was happily surprised.  NBC managed to fit a lot into that hour, and everyone was still able to have their moment on the scale to show just how far they've come.  And did they ever come far!  The ones who blew me away the most were Cassandra, Emily and Roy.  You know the writer in me loved the sign in the audience saying Cassandra has the "write" stuff.  I think I identified the most with her this season for that reason alone.  Overweight writer wanting to get fit and live out the career of her dreams?  Yep - I certainly identify with that!

I was also happy for Mike.  He went through a lot in the short time he was on the ranch, putting up with the negativity while dealing with his own demons.  It was brave of him to admit all of that on camera, and he showed just how much you can accomplish at home...along with the other players.  Congrats to Mike on the $100,000 prize and his new life!

When it came to the final 3, I shocked myself with how happy I was for them.  I mean, I was already rooting for Kim because she seemed to learn the most of the 3 of them - but I love that Conda and Jeremy did so well and hopefully they will start living life in a more positive way.  Kim blew me away, and even though she came close to beating Jeremy for the grand prize but fell a little short, I know her future is very bright.  You can see it in her eyes!

So this concludes the wild ride of Season 13.  Hopefully there will be a Season 14 to write about...but no matter what, get out there and achieve your goals!

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Judi said...

Your comments are "write on". Marie. I too was disappointed in so much drama on this season. People who walk off?? Negativity?? I couldn't believe that one person could manipulate so many people Anyway, I hope that BL continues. They way they cut back on the finale and the last few weeks shows makes we wonder of the future of the show. I too have to say that all 3 of the finalists looked good. I was pulling for Kim as I felt she had worked so hard and really had the best attitude of the 3 of them. Thanks for you comments.