Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Biggest Loser Withdrawals - Or Not?

So the Biggest Loser finale was last week...two weeks earlier than it would normally be for the winter/spring season.  I'm sure it was because of the walk-off and having less people competing toward the end.  But it still means no BL to watch - not only for the next two weeks, but all summer and possibly longer.  (Still hearing from various sources that there will be no fall season!)

What are you doing to combat Biggest Loser withdrawal?  Or were you just so fed up with this past season that it doesn't bother you?

As happy as I am to be done with the nastiness and drama from certain contestants this season, I'm still missing BL.  Actually, I've been missing the BL of past seasons since January...you know, the seasons with more inspiration and motivation than drama.  So I've been having a type of withdrawal already. 

My plan is to watch old clips of past seasons to be inspired all over again.  And I'm doing my thing - spinning, Pilates, walking, eating healthy...pushing myself to be my personal best.  The one way to overcome someone else's drama is to take the focus off of them and concentrate on yourself and what you need to do to make your own life better.  Don't let any negative people, whether on TV or on real life, bring you down with them.  Live your own life to the fullest.

What are you doing to motivate yourself without Biggest Loser?  Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me!

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