Monday, August 30, 2010

HUGE Season Finale!!!

What a great season finale...and now we REALLY need a second season of Huge, because there are too many cliffhangers to resolve!
We begin where we left off last week...with Amber and Will digging in the woods, looking for Will's secret stash of junk food. They can't find it, but Will has an idea. They sneak into the dining hall, and since Chef told Will where he hides the key, they were able to get into the food. They dig into a tray of brownies, eating a whole row to even it out so it doesn't look like any are gone. Will confesses to Amber that she used to raid other people's kitchens when she was at sleepovers, because her parents never kept any junk food in the house. Amber hates that Will doesn't appreciate how rich she is, because Amber knows what it's like not to have money. They also talk about eating disorders, afraid they may develop them like the other girls they know. At the guys cabin, George shines his flashlight out and sees Will. Once the girls get back to their cabin, Will is asked about the Core track suit that's on her bed. She tells everyone it's Amber's and gives it to her. Becca is jealous that Will is becoming friendlier with Amber now.
Shay mentions to Dr. Rand that the new chef will be here tonight, and the doc is confused. Shay says it's a shame that her dad has to leave, and Dr. R acts like she already knows, but then she has it out with her dad. He mentions that he was married again and Dr. R has a 15 year old sister. She's in a lot of trouble at home, so he must leave to help her. Dr. R asks him where he was when SHE was 15, and says she hates him. He says he knows he should have been there, but he wants to do it right this time. He's really upset and worried; Dr. R comforts her dad.
Ian doesn't want to be alone with his parents because he's still upset, so he asks Will to stay with them all day. Chloe sees Becca reading a book that is familiar to her, so they talk a little about it. Becca asks why they stopped being friends, and Chloe responds that it's not Becca's fault...she wanted to hang out with a certain group, and even calls herself a bitch for being like that. George tells Will he saw her out after dark and he won't tell Dr. Rand. He also warns her not to get Amber into trouble, so Will says he should be worrying about that himself...and she never want him to tell her what to do ever again. Piznarski and Alistair talk...Alistair read the note, and tells Piz he doesn't hate him, and also he's not dwelling on the incident.
Amber's mom is really mad about Will giving Amber the track suit, because she knows she can't afford things like that for her and it angers her. Trent's stepmom loses her necklace and goes looking for it. Chloe helps her look in the cabin and they talk. Chloe gives her a note to give to Trent. (It turns out Alistair has the necklace, and is trying it on with the T-shirt that he re-designed for himself.) Ian and Amber are both embarrassed that Ian's dad is flirting with Amber's mom. Will mentions the song she and Ian wrote to Ian's mom, and they wind up performing it for everyone, with Will singing and Ian playing the guitar. Trent's mom mentions that Chloe said he plays the drums. Will asks Trent to keep the beat for them and they perform as a trio. It sounds REALLY awesome...and afterward Trent grabs Chloe and kisses her right in front of his dad.
As the parents leave, Amber's mom asks Ian's dad for a ride home. Amber sees George talking to the very thin sister of one of the campers and runs off. Ian goes after her, thinking she's upset about her mom. She can't tell Ian about George. Ian admits his crush on her, and they kiss. Will looks for Chef, and finds out that he's gone. Then she sees Amber and Ian comes by holding hands, and she runs off. Becca runs after her, but Will doesn't want her there. Becca says she's done trying to be Will's friend and she won't be the second choice. Dr. Rand finds Will and they talk...she admits to eating the brownies, hoping that Dr. R will kick her out of camp. The doc won't do it, partially because her dad never should have let Will know where the key was, and because she knows how rough this weekend has been for Will...and she knows what it's like. WIll asks her what she was like when she was fat. Dr. R tells her that she hated herself, now she hates herself less.
There are so many things that need to be resolved among the campers and staff...I can't wait to see another season. What do you think will happen next?

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