Monday, August 9, 2010

Trifecta Weekend....Good For My Soul!

This weekend was a much needed boost for me...I hit the Trifecta as each day I did something that made me feel completely alive and happy to be me!
Let's start with Friday night. I've been wanting to see Taylor Hicks live in concert ever since he won American Idol. When he came to town the first time, I was out of town and didn't get to attend the show. My next opportunity to see him was this past May in Grease, which I posted about then. I loved Grease but was still itching to see Taylor's own live show. Friday night was my first time to see T in concert and it definitely won't be the last. Our seats were incredible and I can truly say this is the best live show I've ever attended. I've been to many, MANY concerts over the years...and none of them compare to Taylor live. Ever since Idol he has inspired me to go for my dreams and really live my passions in life, and even though I could feel his passion for the music through my TV screen, seeing him perform live really brings it out a thousand times more. I am even more inspired and motivated to live life to the fullest and reach my dreams. If you get the chance to see Taylor live...DO IT! You will be blown away by his talent and passion. Once again (just as after Grease) I got to speak with him for a couple of minutes after the show and take a picture, and he is absolutely the nicest guy and really cares about his fans. I admire the way he operates and stays true to who he is...a lesson all of us need to take to heart!
Saturday was a day at the pool with my son. My husband had to work, so it was just the two of us swimming on a perfect day. The weather was just right...not sweltering or chilly: the perfect temperature. The sun was out but not overpowering. Every song on the radio that played over the speakers was just the right one, and several of us in the pool sang along as we swam. You already know how much I love going to the pool, but being totally in the moment with the people and the music really made it feel like perfection.
Sunday we got to see a movie I've been anticipating for a while. Since I cover So You Think You Can Dance for Ballroom Dance Channel, I've been getting some inside scoop along the way on Step Up 3D. The movie features several dancers from SYTYCD and was produced by judge Adam Shankman, and it was truly amazing to watch. I really wanted to get up and dance during the movie...but I think the others in the audience would have thrown stuff at me! As we left the theater my son was trying to copy some of the moves by by bouncing off the walls (literally!) and doing twists off of the railing. If you love dance, this one is a must see for you. Part of the movie shows dancers explaining why they love to once again the passion of people doing what they love comes through loud and clear.
The entire weekend was really good for my soul, and I will never forget a single moment of it. I love the feeling...being passionate about life and the things I love, and living every moment to its fullest. This Trifecta didn't pay off at the racetrack window, but it did pay off in so many other ways that are worth more than any amount of money. Find something that is good for your soul and live every minute of will never be the same!

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