Monday, August 23, 2010

Time To Get REALLY Real...and Journey On!

I'm going a step above the infamous Dr. Phil today...time for me to get REALLY real! You see, I've learned to accept and love myself at any size, which is a wonderful thing since I now live each moment of my life to the fullest and allow myself to be present in that moment. The only downside is that I allowed myself to go to a different extreme...since I love myself no matter how much I weigh, I can eat whatever I want, right?
Wrong! I've noticed that I started getting out of breath again now, at least sometimes. (At first I thought it might have something to do with our air conditioner breaking...and I'm sure that didn't help matters.) I wondered why my swimsuit felt kind of tight on me when I wore it Saturday. I figured I might have gained a couple of pounds on vacation, but no more than that since I was still getting plenty of exercise. Well, I bit the bullet and got on the scale this morning. Since I last got on the scale in July, I gained almost 8 pounds. Too many ice cream indulgences and treats while on vacation did me in. (If I ever move down South, please remind me that I need to find healthier versions of my Southern favorites!)
The number on the scale showed up as 210.0. I don't consider this a tragedy of any kind, but just a point from which to start back on my healthy eating plan. I have no regrets about this summer, since it's all a part of my journey and I've learned about myself and about life. This time, the number on the scale and the tight swimsuit will not cause me to curl up into a ball and stay inside of my house as it usually did in the past. I am a wonderful, beautiful person and I deserve to go out into the world and live my life. No hiding the person God made me to be. I can still live my life to the fullest as I re-incorporate my healthy eating plan back into my daily routine.
Part of living life to the fullest is being able to do all of the things God has planned for you and you need to accomplish without getting out of breath or dragging along with no energy. Celebrate who you are right this minute...and honor that person by taking care of your health!

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