Monday, August 2, 2010

A Huge Spirit Quest

Tonight's episode of Huge explores several different ways. Starting with Dr. Rand reading from the Bible for a church service, the characters really start thinking about this important part of life. Will and Ian are outside while the service is going on. Will says she's just not religious, but Ian goes to a different service because he's Jewish, and he tells her how important his faith is to him.
Dr. Rand speaks to George to tell him that Shay was called away on a family emergency, so she's putting George in charge of the Spirit Quest. He's pretty nervous about the whole thing, but Shay recommended him because she has faith in him...and his grandfather is part Native American. Poppy is upset and very jealous that George got picked, because she's been with the camp longer. She remembers Dr. Rand leading her on this expedition when she was a teen. George tells Poppy it's hard to believe that she was ever overweight...but the look in her eyes tells us that she herself will never forget.
As they start the Spirit Quest with a hike, George is looking through all of the pages of instructions that Dr. Rand printed off for him. Amber accidentally bumps him and the papers land in the stream. Poppy takes this as a sign that they should just be guided from within on this journey. Poppy assigns each camper a buddy...someone they wouldn't usually pair up with, to get them out of their comfort zones. Becca and Chloe are put together, and Becca flashes back to the year before when she and Chloe were best friends, and Chloe was much heavier. Will and Amber get paired up, and so do Alistair and Trent. None of them are too happy about the arrangement. Poppy tells them to pay attention to their dreams as they sleep that night in their tents, and in the morning Ian tells Will he had a dream about her. She is very excited...until she hears what it was. He says she was holding a pitcher of milk, the "milk of human kindness". He wanted some, but she wouldn't share with him. Will probably doesn't realize what this dream means yet...but Ian would probably like her to share more about herself with him, and with the others.
Poppy has Becca help explain what the Spirit Quest is about, since she did it last year. Then Poppy tells everyone to choose a new name for themselves, to reflect the truth about them. George is uncomfortable with all of this and sends everyone off to look for firewood. Becca and Chloe actually start to joke around about last summer's activities, and Becca sees a glimpse of the old Chloe. George and Poppy argue about how to handle the quest, and she tells him to call his grandfather to tell him what to do. He finds out when he calls that his grandfather died, and it really gets to him. His mom tells him all kinds of things that he never knew about him, which helps him understand things better. Poppy apologizes for how she acted as well. George wants to leave, but Poppy starts getting him to read the guide book for help.
The next day is a trust exercise between buddies. One is blindfolded while the other must guide him or her around the camping area. Will is really bad at giving Amber directions, causing her to bump into everything. They fight and Amber takes off to go the the bathroom. Poppy makes Will stay with her. They wind up getting lost, and Amber pulls out a compass. Will knows that Amber broke their compass and wonders where this one came from. Amber says Ian gave it to her...which makes Will even angrier and more jealous. She tosses the compass away and says they can find their way back without it. Of course, they only wind up more lost than they already were. At one point they come upon the diner at the main road. The woman inside tells them it's closed and sends them back outside. (Nice lady, huh? Geez!) Amber decides to go back the way they came, but Will stays in front of the diner. She digs through the dumpster for a doughnut, but after wrestling with herself for a while she throws it back in the garbage.
Everyone is worried about Will and Amber back at camp. George goes to look for them while Poppy tries to keep the kids calm. When George sees Amber, she's so happy to be found that she gives him a quick kiss. George then leans in and gives her a much more romantic kiss. They go pick up Will and all head back to the tents. Poppy begins to call Dr. Rand, but as she starts talking on the phone the three appear before her, so she just tells Dr. R that everything is going great.
Alistair and Trent wind up bonding, and Alistair tells Trent that Chloe is his twin sister...but she is too embarrassed by him and doesn't want anyone to know. Trent is shocked, but keeps the secret when he goes to Chloe's tent. (Alistair tells him Chloe is afraid of the dark.) They kiss and fall asleep together, thinking Becca is asleep when she is still awake and hears everything going on. In the morning when everyone packs up, Chloe runs to Amber and ignores Becca once again. Will sees how hurt she is and helps her pack her things.
What is your opinion of the characters? Do you know anyone like them, who have been through similar situations? And what do you think of the Spirit Quest...I myself would love to go on one, to enhance what God is already having me learn, about myself and others. And out of curiosity, what would your Spirit Name be?

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