Monday, August 16, 2010

A HUGE Birthday Night! (and Sneaking Around!)

WOW...Huge is really getting into the issues, not just weight related topics, but other important things that everyone has to deal with. We begin this episode with George and Amber meeting secretly in the woods to kiss and make out. They are both very conflicted about their relationship, but neither wants to stop. Amber sneaks back into the cabin during the night, hoping everyone is asleep. She doesn't know that Will is awake, or that she saw Amber and George kiss once already. What do you think about this it good or bad, and how would you handle something like this?
Dr. Rand is out on a date with Wayne, and they are eating chicken in his truck. She explains to him all about her 12 step program for food addiction, and that she even got an OK from the group to have this chicken. Seems a little weird to me, but Wayne says he would like to accompany her to her meeting the next night, since it will be 7 years of abstinence for her.
The girls wake Chloe up in the cabin by singing Happy Birthday to her, and they head out for morning affirmations. Dr. Rand tells them to be mindful so they don't sabotage all of their hard work. She says something that resonates with me...that sometimes when we get what we think we always wanted it's very scary. I definitely can agree with this...but I wonder why we feel that way? Why do we sabotage ourselves when we are finally reaching some of our goals? As Trent sees Chloe's birthday hat, he realizes that it's also Alistair's birthday and asks George if they can do something for him too. A bunch of the kids are getting together later for Chloe's birthday to hang out, and they are trying to find someone who will sneak alcohol for them. (A lot of sneaking around going on tonight!) Trent tries to ask Chloe what her birthdays were like growing up, but she won't tell him much. Becca and Will plan to meet later to study the runes, and Will invites Ian to join them.
They guys surprise Alistair in their cabin for his birthday, and you can tell he is geniunely touched by the gesture. They all start talking about birthday cake, and then have to make themselves stop thinking about it. Then they discuss gifts, and Alistair mentions that sometimes people buy you gifts that really aren't about you...they are for the person they wish you were. How true! During exercise Chloe realizes that Trent knows Alistair is her twin brother, and she is upset. Not only that, the person that was supposed to get the alcohol didn't come through. She's ready to call off the whole party, but Trent convinces her that it will still be fun. Trent also invites Ian to hang out with them. Will is not happy when Ian tells her, but she knows he wants to get close to Amber.
Poppy calls Amber over to talk to her, and Amber is sure that she and George are busted. Poppy wants to make a card for Chloe though, and shows Amber where all of the markers and things are. When she goes back for more stuff, she finds a bottle of alcohol uner Poppy's bed. She sneaks some into her water bottle for Chloe's party. They all pass it around, and everyone drinks from it except for Trent and Ian. The rest of them get very drunk and play a truth or dare type game. Chloe and Amber are dared to kiss, so they do. Michael is then dared in return to kiss a guy, but none of them want to do it. Amber gets sick and Chloe goes off with her to make sure she's OK. While they're gone, the group thinks it would be funny for Michael to kiss Alistair because he's gay. Trent tries to stop them but they all go off. Ian comes to check on Amber and walks her back to her cabin so Chloe can enjoy her party...but then Trent tells Chloe what's about to happen with Alistair. They chase after the others, and Amber hugs Ian when he gets her back safely. Will sees and is jealous, but she holds Amber's hair as she throws up and cleans up the mess for her so she can rest. They also talk about George, and Amber begs Will not to tell anyone. Michael calls Alistair outside and when he kisses him Alistair tells him that he likes someone else. Michael tells him it's a joke and the others all come out from the bushes laughing. Trent and Chloe get there just then as Alistair runs off hurt and angry. Chloe yells at everyone, but only Trent knows why she's so upset.
Dr. Rand has her meeting, and Wayne is there. He tells her later that he wants to know her better as she keeps trying to ignore text messages from Jonathan. Wayne kisses her before he goes home. We later see Dr. R and Jonathan sneaking around as they have a secret affair...she feels guilty but he does not. Trent tells Chloe he wishes he had a twin, but she says it's hard always having to share everything with her twin, including camp. Becca waits for Will to meet her but she never comes. Ian comes out there, so Becca teaches him about reading the special stones. The guys all fight at the cabin, then Alistair walks in angry and goes right to bed. Ian wonders what happened, since he missed the rest of the party. Will apologizes to Becca and explains that she was taking care of Amber. Becca sort of understands but is still upset. After everyone is asleep, Amber sneaks out to meet George again. As he's looking for her, he runs into Dr. Rand after her secret meeting with Jonathan. He asks her about self-sabotage and how he should help the kids with the problem. She tells him to be a good example, and he decides to go back with Dr. R. Amber waits for George but he doesn't show.
Ian and Alistair talk, and Ian is surprised that Alistair has forgiven Trent. It's obvious that Alistair has a huge crush on him...he and his sister are in love with the same guy! George avoids Amber, and when he has to talk to her they talk in code so Poppy doesn't know what they mean. George thinks it's better they stay away from each other, but Amber is hurt. We end tonight with Beeca and Alistair in the woods, reading the runes.
What did you learn tonight from Huge? There are so many lessons in this episode, and I love that the show is dealing with all of these issues. What are your thoughts on the show?

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