Thursday, August 12, 2010

My 200th Post...Dedicated to Dance!!!

This is a milestone post for is number 200, and I've come a long way on my journey since my first entry in this blog. I've had my ups and downs, learned many important lessons along the way, and I've grown as a person through it all.

I decided to dedicate this post to one of my biggest passions...DANCE. It seems only fitting since tonight is the season finale for So You Think You Can Dance, and this season is the one that has most inspired me to date. It's been hard to see dancers go home, either because of being voted off or injury, because every single one of the Top 11 has something special about them that made it hard to say goodbye each week. From all of the moving performances to Alex Wong's classy and grateful exit after injury, I learned something about the dancers, choreographers and myself along the way.

As you know I have the pleasure of writing about SYTYCD for Ballroom Dance Channel, which affords me the honor of getting to dig deeper into what makes everyone on the show tick...from host Cat Deeley, to the judges, choreographers, and dancers. The show has been instrumental in my personal growth, as only the art of dance and the human spirit can do. Any of the 3 finalists will make a great champion, and I will be thrilled for whoever wins the title of America's Favorite Dancer tonight. Kent and Lauren are awesome...but my favorite is Robert Roldan for so many reasons. I can completely relate to his journey of growth on the show, maturing as a dancer and a person. Even when he seemed to get knocked down, he only learned from it and came back stronger. Those of you who have read my previous posts also know about the things I went through with my mom, and my cousin as well. Robert's story with his mom is, in a way, my story in many respects. He has also been an amazing partner and friend to everyone he has danced with on the show, with no trace of ego...and I love all aspects of his personality, which in turn give him the most versatilty as a dancer. His technique is amazing, because he works so hard at it. His journey on the show will forever be etched in my mind, helping me with my own lessons in life.

Good luck to all 3 dancers tonight...all of you are incredible and deserve your place in the finals. I'm hoping Robert wins...but congratulations to whoever it is, I know you will make everyone proud. Now as for the rest of us...let's get up and dance!

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