Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Biggest Loser...Learning to Lose at HOME???

Yesterday's episode was the last show before next week's finale. The Final 4 were sent off to lose weight at home for 30 days, and Alison also informed them that they would be running a marathon when they got back to the ranch, before that final weigh-in.

We got to see glimpses of how each of the contestants dealt with having to stick to their healthy lifestyles while they were back with their families and friends. Except for one thing...Koli decided to deal with with his situation by NOT dealing with it. He stayed in Las Vegas for the month and hired a personal trainer so he could focus on winning and not have to deal with the same everyday life and distractions that the other 3 contestants did. To me...this is cheating. Everyone else played by the rules, and Koli is going to have to try to live his new way at home sooner or later.

The marathon was quite inspiring, and I always love seeing people from previous seasons come to help the current players out. Matt Hoover ran with Daris, who really pushed himself and completed the race in 4 hours and 2 minutes. He completely blew away the old record time of 4:55 set by Tara Costa from Season 7. Sione Fa ran with Koli, and he came in second, a good 2 hours after Daris. Ashley and Michael decided they were going to finish the race together, and they had Ali Vincent and Mike Morelli by their sides. All of the contestants also had a family member join them for the last mile or so, and it was a very emotional scene. Daris mentioned that he's been strong all along, but didn't really realize it until now. I think that happens to many of us. We don't believe in ourselves enough at first, but as time goes on when see that we always had that strength we needed to accomplish our goals. Ashley said it best...when she said that she is finally the girl she always wanted to be.

At the weigh-in, Michael had a special moment when he saw that he now weighed 299. He had broken the 300 pound barrier! He and Ashley were the top 2 and secured their spots in the finale. Koli and Daris fell below the yellow line. Daris actually gained 2 pounds while at home. He admitted that he focused really hard on the marathon, but gave in to late night eating. What happened to Daris is a good lesson for all of us. A lot of people think that if you are running, especially marathons, that you can eat whatever you want because you're exercising so much. Keeping to a healthy eating schedule is just as important as the running is for your body. You do not have license to eat everything you want .

America gets to vote whether Daris or Koli will be in the finals with Michael and Ashley. My votes all went to Daris. Some people will argue that Koli should get the spot because he lost weight and Daris gained. I respectfully disagree with that. Daris may have gained two pounds, but he did it honestly at home. Koli did not play by the same rules that everyone else did, and for that reason I want to see Daris in the Final 3. I think Koli is a great person, but I don't care for his "strategy". I would also like to see Daris come back and show that he got back on track at home again before the finale.

Next week is the big night...and for me, here's hoping that it will be Ashley, Michael, and Daris competing for the Grand Prize. No matter what, they have all inspired me and done a wonderful job of changing their lives for the better!

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