Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday and Motivated More Than Ever!

This is Monday once again, and I have happy feet. I'm doing my own little dance of joy after stepping on the scale, and I really needed that joy!
This past week was filled with wakes and funerals...certainly not a pleasant way to spend the last 7 days. As I reflected on the lives of the people we lost, I thought about how 2 of them were still relatively young. They were not out of shape, but still had major health problems that they dealt with for a good part of their lives. One thing that kept running through my mind was that none of us know exactly how long we will be on this earth. Hopefully we live long, happy lives...but no matter what we need to make the most of every single day. We need to take care of ourselves, and not let fear hold us back from the things we are meant to do. We will regret those things we didn't have the courage to try, and be upset about the wasted time. Don't put things it now!
My scale showed a 1.2 pound loss for this past week. I lost the pound I gained over my birthday, plus a little bit more. I'm proud of this, since I made a conscious effort to fit in exercise amid all of the craziness and sadness. There were a couple of days that I didn't get to exercise for the full amount of time that I usually do, but instead of just chucking my workout for the day I fit in what I could. I told myself that some exercise is better than none, and I know that between that and my writing I kept my sanity throughout this week.
I now weigh 182.2, and I also enjoyed a wonderful moment yesterday when I got dressed for Mother's Day. I put on a blouse I haven't worn in 6 years...and it fit! It wasn't even tight, and I felt so beautiful all day in it. I know this week will be even better, because I got through this past week on a positive note with everything that was going on. This will be an extra successful week!

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