Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Monday...I'm Motivating Myself!!!

I actually felt like that cat this morning. This past week I celebrated my birthday, complete with Mexican food and cake. And yes, my son squealed that it was my birthday to our waitress, so the staff came over and put the sombrero on my head (which felt like it weighed as much as a bowling ball) and sang in Spanish to me. I ate too much sugar this week, and in turn my body did not feel like exercising as much as I usually do. The one thing I did do right was skip the margaritas and stick to water.
So, as it seemed like I was rolling myself onto the scale this morning, I really expected to see a number that I didn't like. Imagine my surprise when I only gained 1 pound...I consider that God's birthday gift to me, along with the lesson that my body really can't run at its best when I pour so much sugar into my tank. I'm actually happy with that number, because I was sure it was going to be so much worse. (My aunt is also here for her monthly visit...but I know I can't blame her for that pound this time!)
So far between yesterday and today, we received some bad news. A longtime friend of our family passed away yesterday, and another friend's brother died from cancer over the weekend. Along with some weird happenings and the start of baseball practice tomorrow, it's going to be another crazy week. This is my chance...I said that I aspire to be like O'Neal, and it looks like this is my week to show what I'm made of. I will not drown my sadness and frustration in food, and I will leave it all in the gym just like O'Neal did. Working it out is the best way, and I will make sure that no matter what gets thrown at me and rearranges my schedule this week, I will get all of my exercise in, plus more. My sugary week is done, and I'm back to business!

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